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SSL Certificates, Secure Websites Equals Satisfied Clients and Visitors

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SSL (Secure Socket Layers) are vital to you, your website and your visitor’s security. SSL certificates are small files that find a cryptographic key to your website details. The certificates are installed on your server and this activates a padlock and the httpsprotocol. The https protocol allows for a secure connection. URL’s that have an SSL connection start with https: instead of http. If your website is passing confidential information, such as credit card numbers or even telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and visitor names then you need to makes sure it is https protocol.

What Protection does an SSL offer?

  • Ensures the identity of a remote computer
  • Proves your identity to a remote computer
  • Ensures software came from software publisher
  • Protects software from alteration after publication
  • Protects e-mail messages
  • Allows data to be signed with the current time
  • Allows data on disk to be encrypted
  • Allows secure communication on the Internet

JaguarPC provides a free SSL Certificate for its shared hosting users. This added benefit from JaguarPC ensures that your data transfer is secure. If you need an SSL secured for yourself then JaguarPC can assist you with the purchase and installation. In most cases your hosting provider will need to install the SSL Certificate onto its web server to initiate secure sessions with browsers. If you have any questions about the process of installing an SSL or purchasing an SSL then JaguarPC customer support representatives are standing by to assist you. Are you providing the consumers and shoppers at your e-commerce site the protection they expect and deserve? The most popular and secure versions of SSL certificates are the 128 bit and the 256 bit. The 256 bit offers more levels of encryption than the 128bit. While both offer sound security the 256 bit gives you and your customers the highest level of encryption. Ninety-three percent of online shoppers in a recent survey reported that they feel it is important for an e-commerce site to include a trust mark of some kind on its site. If you are using SSL on your site than let your clients and customers know that they are placing their sensitive data into a system that is safe and encrypted.

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