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Aug 16, 2023
Enhancing Security in Web Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)

In today's increasingly connected world, the security of your web hosting environment has never been more critical. Security breaches can be catastrophic for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The good news is that enhancing security in web ho...


Jul 10, 2014
Exceptional Web Hosting Services: Customers Say JaguarPC is At the Top!

You've likely noticed the words exceptional service popping up around here lately. Whether it be our display ads, job postings or our survey questions, providing exceptional service is our goal. These are the words we live by...

Jul 07, 2014
A Short Guide to Becoming a Reseller Hosting Provider

Are you interested in establishing your own reseller hosting company? Providing reseller services is a way for individuals who are knowledgeable in web hosting to rake in profits and build a flexible, gainful career. There ar...

Jul 04, 2014
Fun Facts and Tips for a Festive Fourth of July!

JaguarPC wishes all of our customers a happy Fourth of July holiday. It should be a terrific weekend for barbecues, music, friends and families as well as fireworks. Almost all Americans will be out and about whether they are...

Jul 01, 2014
The Differences Between Genuine & Imitation Cloud Hosting

Is a cloud web hosting solution the right choice for your business? If you’re one of the many business owners; such as a startup, large scale e-commerce site or even a development testing team, who feel they’d benefit fro...

Jun 27, 2014
Safeguard Your Website’s Data with a Daily Backup Service

Backup services are one of the core web hosting features that all quality companies should offer. As a safety net system, backups can save business owners from total data loss which can force them to rebuild their websites, c...

Jun 24, 2014
The Pros & Cons of Shared, Cloud & Dedicated Hosting

There are various types of hosting plans available to growing businesses and startups. Shared, cloud, and dedicated hosting are some commonly chosen forms of hosting that provide their own sets of advantages and disadvantages...

Jun 19, 2014
Perks of VPS Hosting & What to Consider

If your business is advancing and shared hosting plans no longer provide the resources and security you need, hosting through a virtual private server may be the solution you're looking for. Similar to shared servers, virtual...

Jun 16, 2014
Three Core Advantages of Linux VPS Hosting

Are you considering purchasing Linux virtual private server hosting for your business? Businesses that don't operate on Windows programs will find that Linux offers a medley of useful features, including cost-effectiveness, s...

Jun 06, 2014
Cloud Web Hosting Plans: Redundant, Cost-Effective and Secure

JaguarPC has taken another major step and we are excited to introduce our cloud hosting plans. Over the past few months new systems have been put into place in order to bring the best cloud hosting solutions to our clients. O...

Jun 04, 2014
JaguarPC Reseller Plans Now Offer High Quality UK Server Location

JaguarPC, a hosting services provider with over 15 years experience in shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud solutions, announces the launch of reseller plans for the United Kingdom. JaguarPC is expanding the geographical reach of...

Jun 02, 2014
Take Action to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

It can be a battle to drive traffic to your website especially considering the constant changes in SEO practices and Goggle's never ending changes to their own algorithms. Don't be discouraged. There are actions that can be t...

May 21, 2014
VPS Features to Make your Site Performance Sky Rocket

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are used by many e-commerce and business sites that demand high server performance and fast page load speeds. VPS users enjoy isolated nodes which means resources are dedicated to the user on tha...

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