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Aug 16, 2023
Enhancing Security in Web Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)

In today's increasingly connected world, the security of your web hosting environment has never been more critical. Security breaches can be catastrophic for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The good news is that enhancing security in web ho...


Jan 20, 2008
The Title Attribute

The title attribute is something you can add to any link. When used correctly the title attribute will on mouseover provide a little more information to the user about the link destination. The text displayed on mouse over ...

Jan 15, 2008
Oh the Drama

It seems there's been a bit of drama today in the web hosting world that's being played on blogs. It's times like these I'm very thankful to work for such a grounded and solid web hosting company. If you, like me, don't ca...

Jan 13, 2008
Celtic Women

I don't know if you have ever heard the Celtic Women, but personally I love their music. Never thought I would do a blog article about them. Like all things, things change. When I first heard of the Celtic Women it was o...

Jan 13, 2008
2007 Changes in Google Regarding Open link brokers and link networks

A few weeks ago I started a series of articles based on this Blog Article written by Brett Borders. The title of the article was 7 SEO Techniques That Google Smashed in 2007. This is my 4th article based on what Brett orig...

Jan 10, 2008
The US standard railroad gauge

Every once in awhile it's good to break the pattern. I'll get back to the serious stuff like the series about 7 SEO Techniques That Google Smashed in 2007 in the next few days. Personally I find the following humorous. We ...

Jan 09, 2008
Network/Routing Issue Atlanta Data Center

This morning there was a network/power problem at the Atlanta data center which affected all the JPC servers. The is resolved now. However; we're still investigating an issue with a few servers. To get an update on this pleas...

Jan 08, 2008
Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Happy New Year! Wait.. that was so last week. Well, I hope the New Year is finding you happy and healthy so far! Before I go any futher, I should apologize for introduce myself: My name is Tracie, one of the latest newcome...

Jan 05, 2008
Email Spam and Fraud

For the most part I think the Can Spam Act has been a failure. When a email spammer inserts outright fraud into the mix, the Feds are going to take another look and possibly go the extra mile to prosecute. WASHINGTON (Re...

Jan 05, 2008
2007 Changes in Google Regarding Directory Links

Brett pointed out in his original article 7 SEO Techniques That Google Smashed in 2007 that Google had smashed Directories that charged a pay for review fee. In regard to Directory links Google did smash a lot of low quali...

Jan 03, 2008
2007 Changes in Google Regarding Supplemental Pages

I guess the first thing is to explain what supplemental results were. In laymen terms supplemental results are pages that Google keeps in a separate index. They were identified in the SERPS as supplemental when those pages ...

Jan 02, 2008
2007 Changes in Google Regarding Links

2007 saw a lot of changes in the way Google does things. Some of the changes are directly related to the way Google ranks websites. Some are related to the way they are displaying the SERPs, and a few were made in regard t...

Dec 28, 2007
Link Exchanges

It really seems like a another lifetime, but there was a day when websites traded links, to be helpful to their visitors, and hoping in that exchange to gain a few visitors that might be interested in what their site had to o...

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