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Apr 12, 2019
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Apr 05, 2007
JaguarPC Web Host Completes Acquisition of DEHE to Provide Windows Services and VPS Offerings

Seamless merger brings new plans, unified customer support to both customer bases HOUSTON, TX – April 5, 2007 – JaguarPC, a leading provider of end-to-end web hosting solutions, announced today that it has completed th...

Mar 01, 2007
JaguarPC Web Host Announces Free Automatic Plan Upgrades for Existing Clients

For Immediate Release JaguarPC Web Host Announces Free Automatic Plan Upgrades for Existing Clients All existing shared hosting accounts now automatically upgraded to new larger shared hosting plans with no increase in pric...

Feb 28, 2007
JaguarPC Web Host Completes Server Hardware Upgrades and Replaces Backup Management Systems

New server system replacements with dual core processors and enhanced enterprise backup management to keep pace with explosive growth HOUSTON, TX – February 28, 2007 – JaguarPC, a leading provider of end-to-end web hos...

Feb 15, 2007
Interpreting the NoFollow Attribute

A little over a year ago Google introduced the nofollow attribute.  A lot of software publishers, and SEs jumped on board. The original intent of the attribute was to cut down on blog comment spam.  Unfortunately that ha...

Feb 11, 2007
Blocking SE Spiders

I think there are certain pages or files (folders) that every webmaster should block from the SE spiders. Dan Crow, Product Manager at Google just posted this on the official Google Blog. I'm often asked about how Google ...

Feb 06, 2007
Neat WordPress Plugins

First let me say I haven't tried any of these pulgins at this point. I do see some some value in them from a SEO perspective, and possibly to enhance user experience. I will be experimenting with them in the near future. F...

Feb 06, 2007
Google's New Backlink Checker

Some webmasters are obsessed with checking backlinks at Google. The only way to do this in the past was to use the link operator, doing a search on Google for link:www.domain.com. Using this method would only show a small per...

Jan 31, 2007
public forums – the good, the bad, the ugly

So its no mystery that we have a great community here. And Ive never hid behind anything or shy away from public postings, even ones not in this forum. This can have some great benfits, I get to know some people on a personal...

Jan 29, 2007
Questions About Adsense

Jeremy Schoemaker (aka ShoeMoney) a well known Internet marketer, and host of a weekly radio show Net Income is going to have a Adsense rep on his show Tuesday night. The show will be featuring recent changes to the Adsense T...

Jan 29, 2007
Microsoft Continues to Lose Market Share

According to a recent article on CNET News Microsoft is losing in the battle among the big 3, (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) Search Engines. A report on December Internet traffic from ComScore Networks showed Microsoft losing half...

Jan 25, 2007
Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content is an issue that every site owner should be concerned about. Some things that cause duplicate content can be dealt with easier than others. For instance. If your site can be accessed by: domain.com dom...

Jan 10, 2007
Windows to open Suse 10.2

Well it looks like I fannaly got the pateince to download the 5 cd's for open suse 10.2. I will be making the switch here soon. The main question that remains is dual boot or no dual boot? Sure it would be great to still h...

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