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JaguarPC Partners with CloudFlare

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JaguarPC has partnered with CloudFlare and implemented Cloud Flare across all of its shared and reseller servers recently. We want to make our users aware of the benefits and the advantages that CloudfFlare can bring to you and your sites. Two of the major benefitsJaguarPC Partners with CloudFlare at the heart CloudFlare are that it makes your site faster and more secure. They also publish a very informative blog which will keep you updated on their newest features and how you can best use their product.

Climb aboard and get your website signed up and running through a network that has the knowledge you need to protect you and your site from today’s ever emerging threats. CloudFlare can be an important service to add to your blog, website and/or e-commerce site. They serve many major corporations and web hosting companies as well as users like you. While basic CloudFlare services are free many advanced features are available on upgraded plan. When you enable it on your accounts then you won’t be passing on an opportunity to speed up your site while improving its security.

How can you get started with CloudFlare today? JaguarPC makes it easy for you to explore the greater opportunities which CloudFlare provides. Those of you that are on a Shared or a Reseller server will find the CloudFlare icon in your cPanel interface. One easy click helps you begin to experience the benefits of improved website performance and a decrease in spam along with other types of potential attacks.
•    Click on the CloudFlare Icon in cPanel under the Software/services section.
•    Next, enter your email address and accept the EULA.
•    Select the domain you want to enable with cloudflare through the box on the left.
•    The interface will pull up a list of sub-domains where you can enable CloudFlare protection. Click on the grey clouds for the sub-domains you want to enable and wait for them to turn orange.

VPS and Dedicated customers can activate the services by going to You only need to sign up for an account. You will then receive your installation instructions.  Should you have issues installing it, then please feel free to contact JaguarPC technical support services by opening a support ticket inside of your account manager. We can then assist you additionally with any plug-in installation issues and properly enable CloudFlare on your server.

The benefits of using this product can be almost immediate for you.  CloudFlare is a product that upholds its commitment to continual improvements and enhancements.  This is a product that will evolve to provide you with solutions to common as well as the constantly emerging issues and threats related to your website, blog or e-commerce site. Don’t delay on you’re your decision to install this free and easy to use service that will improve your website’s performance, speed and security.

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