JaguarPC Releases a New Client Area JaguarPC Releases a New Client Area

JaguarPC’s New Client Dashboard is Ready for Deployment!

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It is with regret that we have reverted back to our standard version of our client dashboard. We did intend to work through some of the minor bugs which cropped up after the release but once it was evident that our new support system, Kayako was not properly integrated, we decided to revert the system. The client dashboard is now back in the hands of our developers and the Kayako support system will be properly included in the program so that it will be the tool and aid to our clients that we had envisioned from the onset of the project. The overall intention was to make our client area easier to use and since it was quickly evident that a near opposite effect was occurring a decision was made to send it back into development. The dashboard will be back for another round of testing from the staff and other sources so keep checking our blog, social media channels and our forum for updates and time frames for the next roll out of the product.


Our client’s were recently sent an announcement that the client login area has changed its look and added many new features which will improve our customer’s overall hosting experience.

If you missed the recent e-mail we are posting it here for your review.

We are delighted to announce that our new client dashboard area is ready for deployment. Several months ago we ran an extensive testing with a beta test group created from our client base. We extend many thanks to all of you who were an important part of locating and helping us resolve those final issues. We plan to launch the new client dashboard on December 27th.

When the new dashboard arrives you will notice that our look and our format have changed for your secure client login area. The appearance of the dashboard has been modified but you will find that many of the common features you typically use remain the same. You will be able to use a new ordering system, new payment methods and enjoy the benefits of improved security. Some of the new features which you will want to note include improved affiliate tracking, IP management, service monitoring, a  new help desk, and many others. Ongoing enhancements will continue to be based on your feedback. Many of the modifications will also allow our service departments to better assist you. We will now be able to more quickly provide you with the information you need in order to maintain and change your plans, request add-ons and other additional desires for your servers.

We are pleased to bring you this enhancement and upgrade which has been designed to improve your overall hosting experience. We encourage you to spend some extra time exploring the new system on the next occasion that you log into your client dashboard. Enjoy the new features as well as the fresh new appeal. If you run into any troubles during your use of the new system please feel free to contact us and we will be able to assist you.

We want to hear more from you. Use our forum at JaguarPC for feedback on the new client dashboard.


To login to Nixcore for account updates or to contact us please use the following address:



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