Managed VPS Hosting: Full Customization Without the Hassel Managed VPS Hosting: Full Customization Without the Hassel

Managed VPS Hosting: Full Customization Without the Hassle

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VPS (virtual private server) hosting is commonly selected by businesses of all sizes. With VPS, the benefits of other types of hosting, such as shared and dedicated, are packaged into one versatile solution. Managed VPS hosting is especially advantageous if you’re new to web hosting and need a quick, affordable plan that addresses each of your needs. If total system isolation, customization, and managed services sound appealing, VPS hosting might be the right choice for you.

Isolated Resources
To put it simply, VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting in the sense that providers allocate portions of virtual private servers to users. However, VPS hosting is largely more secure than shared and allows users to enjoy total isolation. You won’t have the activity of other customers affecting you. Virtual private servers are partitioned – not necessarily shared. With a VPS hosting plan, you’ll have full control over your bandwidth, disk space, and other resources. In many ways, VPS hosting is much like dedicated hosting, but without the steep costs.

Server Control
Choosing VPS hosting means you’re able to select your own operating system, such as Windows, CentOS, Fedora Core, and others. Accordingly, you’ll be free to use the programs and applications you need to create websites, databases, etc., such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Like dedicated hosting, VPS allows for a great deal of customization. Many VPS hosting plans come equipped with remote desktop and root access solutions – allowing users to personalize their data. If you need to make changes to your resources, you can easily configure the server to accommodate your preferences.

Why Managed Hosting?
Opting for managed VPS hosting affords many benefits – particularly if you’re inexperienced with maintaining hardware. If your company is expanding, chances are the resources you use now will fluctuate in the future. Later down the road, you may need more disk space, bandwidth, applications, etc. to meet your customers’ standards. Managed hosting gives companies the opportunity to add or remove resources whenever needed, without the expenses and hassle associated with self-maintained, on-site hardware. Not only is this flexibility convenient, but it also helps to cut back on costs and unnecessary issues.

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