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The Best Cloud Hosting Services

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When it comes to scalability and reliability, cloud hosting is one of the most innovative solutions available on the market. Cloud hosting meshes all of the best attributes of advanced web hosting technolgies into one affordable, fully-loaded solution. With scalable, managed resources in your corner, you’ll have the ability to expand website traffic and client demographics as much as you see fit. Cloud is also a good stepping stone toward dedicated hosting – should you ever want to lease an entire server for your business.

How the Cloud Works

Typically, VPS hosting involves partitioning a single physical server – giving several users access to their own isolated resources. Cloud hosting and VPS web hosting differ in the sense that a user’s resources and data are distributed over multiple physical servers, rather than isolated on one server. This ensures maximum redundancy and data protection. Like traditional VPS hosting, cloud hosting is highly scalable. As our client, you’ll be free to make changes to your hosting plan and resources using your personal cPanel. With multiple servers supporting your resources, you’ll enjoy added elasticity and security.

Unbeatable Performance

Hosting in the cloud offers many of the same benefits as traditional virtual private servers. For example, there’s no single point of failure in cloud computing, because resources are Internet-based and spread out over multiple servers. This unique attribute provides greater reliability for website owners and customers alike – particularly when it comes to the performance and accessibility of your business’s website. You and your visitors will enjoy nearly perfect server uptime, as well as the reassurance of simplie disaster recovery solutions due to cloud redundancy.

Hassle-Free Configuration

Both cloud and VPS hosting offer flexibility – which is essential to growing companies. The complete data isolation capabilities of VPS servers combined with the cloud’s supportive network of physical servers allows for quick, easy configuration. JaguarPC’s versatile hosting options give expanding businesses the freedom to scale their resources up or down at any time. As your customer base changes, so will your cloud hosting resource allocation needs. Having the ability to add or remove RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc. as needed helps to reduce unnecessary costs, and keep business websites functioning at optimal levels.

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