Blast Into the New Year with a High Performance VPS Hosting Plan Blast Into the New Year with a High Performance VPS Hosting Plan

VPS Hosting: The Perfect Midsized Solution

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The many available options for web hosting today make it very difficult to choose which is best for your particular website. Every business has different needs VPS Hosting Virtual Private Server Web Hostingthat might make one option better than another specifically, but in general some hosting options offer more advantages than others. Many professionals come to the conclusion that they need something in the middle, not quite as small scale as shared hosting, but perhaps not as expensive and large as a dedicated server. When this is the case, the best solution is VPS hosting with JaguarPC.

What is it?
Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting provides a virtual machine that has many of the same capabilities as a dedicated physical server, though it is much less costly. Your virtual server is run alongside one, or perhaps a few other virtual servers on a single physical server, but they don’t intersect the way they would on a shared server. It’s a virtual operating system, so it will work with any software that is complimentary, and it is more easily accessible for customization and configuration. It does take a certain level of technical knowledge and skill to use, which professionals often remedy with a dedicated system administrator or a managed VPS hosting plan.

What are the Advantages?
There are plenty of benefits that come with VPS hosting, but one of the first that people notice and enjoy is the extra space. VPS provides a massive amount of space and bandwidth, so you can use it however you need. In the event that you expand or downsize, it is a simple matter of changing your subscription accordingly so you are only paying for what you need. You also gain the ability to easily perform your own backups and you gain  increased flexibility when it comes to your own security settings and OS choices. Private disk space gives you access to an increased number of resources than what you would find with shared hosting, and the security benefits that come along with more control over your VPS are a major draw as well.  It boils down to greater control, increased security, and more space, but at a more affordable rate than a dedicated server hosting option.

Is VPS Hosting Right for You?
If you have grown too large for the shared hosting option, but you are not quite so large that you want the expense of a dedicated server, then VPS is a great choice. You won’t be constrained by the limited resources and control that come with shared hosting, and you won’t be weighed down with a large jump in hosting cost increases that come with dedicated server hosting. Our knowledgeable team at JaguarPC is ready to show you all that you can gain from VPS hosting. Contact our sales team today to learn which VPS hosting plan is right for you.


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