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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Website Host

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Choosing the right hosting provider is not an easy decision, especially if you’re unsure of what to look for. Avoid these five common mistakes by relying on JaguarPC to deliver Avoid common pitfalls when choosing a web hosting providercomprehensive service options, from virtual private to hybrid to dedicated servers. We offer affordable and expansive hosting plans, giving you the tools you require regardless of your needs.

Free Hosting Services
As with most “free” services, using a free web hosting provider typically involves a catch. Many free hosting companies place a variety of pop-ups and other advertisements on their users’ pages. You’ll likely find yourself with a very unprofessional page that drives visitors away as opposed to attracting them. On that same note, free hosting providers that guarantee service without ads normally offer limited features, space and support.

Low Cost Hosting
While reasonably priced hosting is what you’re likely aiming for, companies that ask suspiciously low monthly fees tend to lead to headaches. As with free hosting, unwanted advertisements are often placed on users’ websites, and will likely aggravate visitors. Also, there are plenty of website owners looking for inexpensive hosting. Accordingly, low cost hosting providers’ servers can easily become overcrowded.

Lack of Security Features
If you’re planning on building an ecommerce site, it’s essential that you avoid hosting providers that don’t deliver SSL, or Secure Socket Layers. Completing transactions without reliable security is both risky and unethical. Ensuring that your customers’ sensitive data is safeguarded is a good way to avoid future issues, such as identity theft, legal disputes, and the loss of your privileges as a business owner.

Unlimited Storage on Shared Servers
Shared servers provide hosting for a large number of websites simultaneously, and are ideal for pages without complex coding and applications. Relying on a shared server for unlimited bandwidth and disk space is impractical. Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid shared hosting providers that advertise unrestricted space when you’d benefit more from the storage capacity and scalability of a dedicated, virtual private, or hybrid server.

Unreliable Support
Dependable technical support is a must, and it’s important to first ensure that a potential company strives to provide only the best. It’s in your best interest to avoid companies that have negative reviews or don’t answer inquiries in a timely manner.

As a JaguarPC customer, you’ll have access to a library of support information, as well as 24/7/365 technical support via ticket system, phone, email and live chat.

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