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Jul 03, 2024
Introducing the Affiliate Program: Earn Big with One of the Most Lucrative Commission Structures in Hosting!

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Affiliate Program! If you’re looking for a fantastic opportunity to earn generous commissions while promoting top-notch hosting services, you’ve come to the right place. Why Join Our ...


Nov 28, 2014
5 Tips to Make your WordPress Blog or Website Secure

WordPress is one of the most popular blog and website creation platforms in use today. While the platform has many benefits the draw back can be that WordPress is so popular it becomes a target for those looking to infiltrate...

Nov 24, 2014
Dedicated Servers Boost Performance & Security

Dedicated servers perform in leaps and bounds over your typical VPS hosting plans. While you may find VPS units with the equivalents of dedicated specifications, the two main differences remain in your security and your resou...

Nov 18, 2014
Choose Data Backup Hosting & Protect Your Resources

Business owners. especially online and e-commerce types, rely on many different types of crucial data to successfully manage their businesses. From website content and catalogs, to customer contact info and expenditure report...

Nov 14, 2014
Everyone Is Moving To The Cloud. Why You Should Too!

While the basic consumer still isn't on board entirely with Cloud hosting, the technology sector isn't waiting. A current boom in data center construction is predicted to top out in 2017. These new mega data centers will over...

Nov 11, 2014
Managed Colocation Hosting – The Numerous Advantages

Colocation hosting offers managed hosting solutions, without demanding that clients give up control of their servers. Whether you’re the owner of a small, medium, or large business, colocation may be the perfect web hosting...

Nov 07, 2014
cPanel Hosting: Personal & Client Server Management

If you’re in need of hosting services, it’s likely that easily managing and monitoring your account is important to you. With cPanel hosting, you’ll have the tools you need to cover all of your bases. From managing your...

Nov 04, 2014
Benefits of Cloud Hosting as an Internet-Based Service

  Cloud hosting affords many advantages to businesses, regardless of size and industry. One of the most beneficial aspects of cloud hosting is the fact that it gives users the ability to utilize the Internet for appli...

Oct 31, 2014
Best Business Web Hosting Features

If you are in the dark about how to choose the best web hosting for your small to mid sized business then there are a few important factors to consider. If you are new to the world of web hosting or considering changing your ...

Oct 27, 2014
Kick-Start Your Reseller White Label Hosting Business

Several ingredients are needed to make a reseller hosting company successful and profitable. One of the most crucial components is an experienced, dependable hosting provider. If you’re considering starting a reseller hos...

Oct 21, 2014
JaguarPC Proudly Announces 16 Years in the Web Hosting Industry

Wow, I can tell you today I am truly amazed. My upper level management team hasn't called me out on "Doing a Greg" in a long time. Honestly, I have, I have just been more discreet about it. Yeah, I pulled a Greg, and managed ...

Oct 17, 2014
The 7 Ultimate Tools forWordPress Social Media Promotion

Social media usage has been making big waves since its inception. Within the last 6 years it’s increased by 356%.  It’s even become a determining factor in search engine results! Needless to say, if you’re not promotin...

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