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Hosting News: Systems Expansion and Support Improvements

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Hello to all of our Current and Future Clients,
Many factors have finally come together and today I can tell you that large scale positive differences are now evident across the entire scope of the company.  I want our customers Hosting News: Systems Expansion and Support Improvementsto know that our first and foremost focus recently has been the improvement of support and supporting systems. JaguarPC is focusing on the quality of our replies and continuing to improve support response times. We have added new team members who are top notch technicians in the field of hosting. Our new team members are accredited, have CCNAs and are moving towards CCNPs. Our team member additions include former industry leading backup technicians and veteran hosting industry professionals who not only know the overall technical side of hosting but have specialized skills which means our clients will be better served.

JaguarPC continues to improve our systems as well. Our Atlanta Data Center Expansion project allowed us to add servers to our fleet, greener and newer servers, faster network speeds, more backup and data restoration options. CloudFlare is now running across our servers and our new client dashboard system was released and is continuing to be optimized. Our tier4 Data Center expansion has been performing at 100% since the completion of the project. Our smaller Atlanta facility has not fared as well. Recent events there exposed risks that I can’t and won’t allow to go unaddressed.  In order to overcome those risks clients at that data center will be getting setup on the tier4 facility. I’m very pleased with the progress and improvements that we have been able to make because of our data center expansion and its successful execution.

At this point in the year you will find that JaguarPC is stronger because of our staff, systems and technological improvements. We are continuing to update our network for even greater data volume levels. Our servers are more stable and more resilient against many types of attacks. Our support team has continued to harden our servers and implement new policies and procedures to counter activities that can harm our clients. Our servers are more powerful and more resources are available because of the vast expansion project in January of this year.  The days of long restores and recovery problems which we faced last year are now in the past. Our newest data recovery backup software and restoration methods and tactics have all been recently tested and actively engaged. Recent events demonstrated that our systems performed at and above the newer standards we are now setting.

Thank you to all of our clients for enduring through some rough spots over the past few months. It is my hope that this month’s newsletter demonstrates to you that my intention everyday is to create a better hosting experience for all of the clients at JaguarPC. At the end of the day it isn’t only about hosting, it is about the people who host with us and what more we can do for you.
Greg Landis

Meet the Lead of JaguarPC’s Backup Team

Backups and restorations received a big boost these past few months. In addition to enabling the newest version of the best backup software the hosting industry offers. Across much of our fleet we also added Weston to our team. Stop by our blog and learn more about what one of the hosting industry’s top tech has to say.

New Self-Restore Feature in V.5 CDP CPanel

JaguarPC is always searching for new ways to help our clients perform the tasks they need to when they want to. If you are using cPanel v.5 and you are on one of our shared, reseller, SDX, now our business cloud plan, or a dedicated server then you can now access the self restore icon in your cPanel. The icon takes you to an easy to use web based interface where you will find several copies of your data. Browse to your choice of restore points and in a matter of minutes your data will be restored from that point. Give it a try!

SDX Moves to JaguarPC’s Business Cloud Plan

Our business cloud is now active. SDX users are now enjoying the great benefits offered by our currently available Cloud plan. Step into our newest plan and experience the benefits of our robust servers with complete redundancy. Contact our customer service department if you are ready to make the move to our new Cloud Business plan.

Support Services You Won’t Want to Overlook

We believe in providing you with more options when it comes to learning more about your hosting environment and the task you need to complete to keep your site up and running. JaguarPC offers our clients an enormous support section with a complete knowledge base section and voice narrated flash videos tutorial designed to guide you through the steps of many common hosting subjects. When you find yourself in a bind or when you have some extra time, look into our support section options to get the answers you need fast.

JaguarPC has been around since 1998, longer than many other web hosting providers. From simple shared hosting plans to high-end web VPS, Cloud, Reseller and Dedicated server plans, JaguarPC provides a comprehensive set of hosting solutions that consistently meet the demands of customers.

JaguarPC’s virtual private server solutions are among the best and most reliable on the market today. At JaguarPC we utilize industry-leading software and powerful hardware nodes to provide robust virtual private server web hosting services for Windows and Linux. Our virtual private server hosting plans are tailored for high traffic websites with significant demand for server resources, providing the autonomy and control of a dedicated server with the affordability and ease of shared hosting.

Selecting JaguarPC’s virtual private servers as your primary hosting solution will provide you with the best performance, security, reliability, and scalability at a fraction of the cost.

Visit for more information about virtual private server hosting services available at JaguarPC.

To learn more about our VPS, Shared, Reseller, Cloud and dedicated server plan, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.




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