HIgh Trafficked Websites Run Faster on SSD VPS Servers HIgh Trafficked Websites Run Faster on SSD VPS Servers

Supercharge your VPS with a SSD

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Solid State drives (SSD) are now an upgrade option at JaguarPC. Traditional drives have many parts which are constantly moving and need to move in order to access the data that is written on certain areas of the disk. Solid State drives do not have this limitation. SSD capabilities allow for information to be accessed near Solid State Drive (SSD) vs. Traditonal Hard Drivesinstantly. The overall performance of your disk accessibility means that your site and server performance can be vastly improved when you choose a SSD option for your account.

Fast and Efficient
The direct acquisition of your data means that applications can be launched in near instant time. When you are saving and opening documents you won’t experience lags, file copying and duplication will be speedy and overall you will find that your server is faster and more responsive then ever. Wear and tear is significantly diminished because SSD’s  don’t have the small parts which are  more susceptible to failure like you can see on some traditional hard drives.

Server Performance Improvements
Different types of disk have physical limits as to how many Input/Output operations they can perform in a second. These are called IOPS. If you have a highly trafficked site such as a blog, forum, gaming server or busy e-commerce site then a SSD can improve the IOPS  100 to 175 times over traditional spinning disks. The benefits of improved performance will be noticed by your visitors, users and clients which means their satisfaction can lead to more visits, engagement and purchases.

JaguarPC is an industry leader when it comes to web hosting technology and web hosting services. Our team of experts provide 24/7/365 personalized assistance via phone, live chat e-mail or our ticketing system. Our high end Quad-core Xeon VPS nodes offer a state of the art technology that produces unbeatable performance when coupled with SSD options.

If you interested in learning more about solid state drives or adding one to your VPS hosting plan then you can contact our sales department and they will be more than happy to help you.

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