Vote for JaguarPC to win a Super Bowl Commercial: Support Small Business Vote for JaguarPC to win a Super Bowl Commercial: Support Small Business

Support Small Business and Help JaguarPC Win a Commercial Spot During the Super Bowl

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JaguarPC needs your help! JaguarPC has been in the hosting industry for 15 years. We remain as one of last few privately held hosting companies in the country today. Over the course of this past year we have made some big strides and we are now prepared to enter a new era in web hosting.

Help us to continue to grow and gain greater exposure as an independently owned and operated American company by voting for us in the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest. Your daily vote can help us enter into the next round as a contender for a Super Bowl T.V Commercial prize. It would be an amazing opportunity to tell our story to the country. Help us let American know that independent hosting companies can still survive and thrive. When you support JaguarPC you are supporting not only a high quality hosting provider committed to excellence in technology and customer experience but you are also supporting an iconic idea that individuals can create successful businesses.

In the past few years many hosting companies have been bought up by one or two central players, but JaguarPC remains an independently owned and operated hosting company. Greg Landis, CEO, is a veteran who has pulled this company up by the boot straps and keeps it going and growing by being actively engaged on a day to day basis.

While other hosts have sold out to big companies, Greg Landis has turned down multiple offers because he is truly invested in the principle of personal touch which many mainstream large hosts overlook. JaguarPC exemplifies the “American Dream” of building and running your own business.  Greg has built this company from the bottom up and with the help of a talented team of individuals he has been able to maintain JaguarPC as a successful business which he hopes to see his own kids, “little geniuses will run this place some day”, take the helm at some point in the future.

A vote for JaguarPC is a vote for the future of independently owned and operated American businesses. Thank you for your support. We hope to see you at the goal post and that JaguarPC makes a winning touchdown with the help of you and the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest.

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