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Sep 11, 2012
Make Regular Backups a Regular Habit JaguarPC’s September 2012 Newsletter

A Message from Greg Landis, CEO, JaguarPC       One of the most painful aspects of web hosting that I regularly come across is the prevalence of many clients who don’t make regular backups of their own sites. If you...

Sep 06, 2012
Easy SEO through your cPanel and WHM with Attracta SEO

When you log into cPanel you may have noticed “FREE Search Engine (SEO) Optimization Tools”, or an icon that implies SEO tools, and wondered what it referenced. The SEO tool is called Attracta. It is bundled with cPanel a...

Sep 05, 2012
JaguarPC’s Employees of the Month for July!

Each month at JaguarPC a customer service and a technical support representative of the month is selected by their peers. At JaguarPC we value those voices and names that our customers have come to know and trust. Members of ...

Aug 16, 2012
JaguarPC’s Customer Care Representatives are Serious about Service

Our staff at JaguarPC comes into work everyday looking to uphold the highest standards of excellence. Larry, one of JaguarPC’s veteran customer service representatives, is passionate and excited about the prospect of helpin...

Oct 13, 2011
Explore the Wide Range of Web Hosting Services Provided by JaguarPC

With billions of interconnected devices and a large proportion of the world’s population using the Web every day, the Internet has become synonymous with our modern lifestyle. We shop online, make friends online, we even fi...

Oct 06, 2011
Find the Web Hosting Solution that Answers your Needs and Fits your Budget

The diversity of the online world is simply staggering. The Internet ecosystem has become so complex and varied that it’s difficult to comprehend. The actors are just as diverse - bloggers, hobbyists, businesses, fans, char...

May 05, 2011
Host your Site with Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting Services from JaguarPC

Quality web hosting is essential for the long-term success of any website. Think of a web host as the foundation that supports a building. Just like with a house, when the foundation of your website is not solid, its function...

May 03, 2011
Quality Web Hosting is the Key to a Consistent Image of Reliability for your Online Presence

In today’s hyper-connected world, a consistent online presence is an essential condition for success. In fact, if you are not online, you cannot be found. This is true regardless if you are a freelance professional using th...

Apr 29, 2011
Why JaguarPC’s Web Hosting Service is the Best Solution for Your Hosting Needs

Today, we can access virtually any type of information online, in a matter of seconds. More and more, we rely on the Internet to help run our personal lives and careers. We shop online, we look up businesses on the web, and w...

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