The Importance of Secure, Reliable eCommerce Hosting ~ Jaguarpc The Importance of Secure, Reliable eCommerce Hosting ~ Jaguarpc

The Importance of Secure, Reliable eCommerce Hosting

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Do you plan to establish an online store? If so, choosing a hosting provider can mean the difference between success and unneeded hassle. Managing a business is a task in and of itself, but an attentive hosting provider can make life easier for you and your customers. The right eCommerce hosting provider will set you up with a quality service package that focuses on data protection and uptime – just what business owners need to keep customers protected and interested.

Choose the Right Hosting Plan

Whether you’ve built an eCommerce website, or plan to build one in the future, it’s probably time to drop your shared hosting package. Shared hosting is usually a quick solution for small startups, and users are allocated a certain number of resources. However, as your business grows, there’s a chance you’ll run into problems with the provider. Cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting are some commonly chosen managed solutions that offer scalability and security. Each plan includes respective pros and cons, so it’s a good idea to conduct research before settling on one.

Data Security isn’t an Option

Security and data protection are critical to both business owners and online shoppers. As the prevalence of online purchases continues to increase, so does malware, hackers and identify theft. As a business owner, you’re responsible for safeguarding your customers’ sensitive information, such as card numbers, passwords, addresses, etc. Merchants are expected to adhere to the requirements outlined under the PCI DSS, or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Reputable eCommerce hosting providers offer an assortment of additives for business owners, such SSL certificates, shopping carts and card processing features.

Don’t Lose Customers

You rely on the accessibility of your website. After all, greater ease-of-use for customers is what brings in profits. Aiming for a provider that cares just as much about uptime as you do is one of the best ways to keep your website user-friendly. Internet users are accustomed to speedy loading times. Often, Internet users wait only a few seconds for a website to load before clicking away. If your web hosting provider is dependable and works to deliver near 100% uptime, you’re less likely to lose potential customers and profits. Contact the sales team [email protected] to learn more about our e-commerce web hosting.

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