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Top 5 Examples of Cloud Computing

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If you own any consumer electronics device, whether that is a television, a tablet device, a smartphone, or something else, it is likely that you’ve heard about cloud computing in the last two years.  However, despite many people knowing the principles behind the cloud, Cloud Hostingand what it is, few actually realize the ‘real world’ examples of how cloud computing is being used, and of the ways in which it is perhaps having an influence on their own lives.

Here are our top 5 examples of how cloud computing is used today.

Web Hosting Services
As well as choosing a web hosting service from a range of server options, people looking for such solutions now have the option of choosing cloud hosting.  Although not a huge mark on the web hosting landscape by any means at this stage, the flexibility and reliability of cloud hosting is only going to make it more popular in years to come, both with individual consumers and businesses.  Options with cloud hosting range from having everything hosted in the cloud to simply having your website data stored there.

Consumer Entertainment
This is undoubtedly where cloud computing is probably playing some part in your life without you realizing it.  Some of the world’s biggest and most popular entertainment services are based on the cloud.  iTunes, Netflix, and YouTube are all examples of services that use cloud computing to manage their immense catalogs of content and remain efficient in the eyes of consumers.

Another example of widespread use of cloud computing today, although most storage services and platforms use the words ‘cloud computing’ somewhere in their title, description, or user guides, so you’ll probably know what these are.
While cloud hosting has proven useful at a consumer level, it is businesses who are feeling the real benefit, with increased collaboration becoming a reality and the cloud bringing a wider range of flexibility to a business.

Social Media
The use of cloud computing in social media is not yet widespread, but several sites, including Facebook, are increasingly using cloud platforms to manage their own content levels and enhance the user experience.

One of the oldest examples of how the cloud plays a part in our lives, and also still one of the best.

The Big Impact of the Cloud
The biggest impact the cloud has had on the way we live is unquestionably how we’re now living in a world where we can access anything we want from almost anywhere we want.  So as long as we have a device in hand, whether we’re at home or on a long journey, the information we need, both personal and professional, is never any further than a few clicks away.

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