LiteSpeed and Solid State Drives Imporve Server and Website Performance LiteSpeed and Solid State Drives Imporve Server and Website Performance

VPS Features to Make your Site Performance Sky Rocket

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Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are used by many e-commerce and business sites that demand high server performance and fast page load speeds. VPS users enjoy isolated nodes which means resources are dedicated to the user on that particular partition of the server. While this alone can improve a site’s performance over VPS add-on for improved server and website performanceshared hosting plans there are still other means VPS users can engage so that the overall experience of the site owner and website visitors can be improved.

SSD Hardware
Additional hardware add-ons can boost page load speeds and site information access. SSD (Solid State Drives) allow for near instant data access.  A high dynamic content site, heavy visitor load or an e-commerce site will benefit from a SSD VPS option which greatly improves input/output operations per second (IOPS) by 100-175 times over a standard disk. SSD continue to gain popularity because of this outstanding level of performance.  Lags will be highly diminished and opening documents along with file copying will be speedy. Overall, servers using a solid state will be faster and more responsive then ever. Wear and tear is significantly diminished because SSD’s don’t spin and this makes them less likely to fail which means your site can enjoy improved stability.

LiteSpeed Software
Software additions such as LiteSpeed allow you to optimize the way your server and website perform. LiteSpeed is a  unique software that replaces Apache. The drop-in Apache replacement improves performance by 4000% by reducing server loads. It is compatible with almost all control panels and configurations for your existing software generally do not have to be changed. LiteSpeed allows you to get more from your hardware by using only a fraction of the memory and CPU that Apache needs. Enable LiteSpeed and you can potentially double or even triple capacity, leading to a more stable and reliable environment on your server.

Fully Managed Services
Fully managed services are included with all control panels. You will receive access to two full hours of assistance each month. Most VPS clients find that managed services provide an expert level of assistance. Even the most experienced and seasoned VPS users generally benefit from the service. One event that requires additional support assistance over the course of a month could cost you time and money that you don’t have available. When you have fully managed services on your VPS, a JaguarPC technical support team member can assist you at no cost. Resolving your issues in a timely manner frees you to address your important business matters and saves you the time and potential headache of resolving the problem on your own.

SSD, fully managed services and LiteSpeed are three items which can help improve the way a VPS performs. More options are now available to create a better experience for you and your site visitors.  When server loads are reduced then page speeds improve and an increase in traffic can follow. Add these features to your VPS web hosting plan and your online business success can soar.

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