Which is better for your needs: VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting Which is better for your needs: VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting – Which is Better?

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Although shared and VPS hosting are different in terms of capabilities and price, they are also similar in several ways as well. First, they are both relatively affordable when 45 day Money Back Guaranteecompared to a dedicated hosting service. Secondly, they both handle multiple users on any given hardware server, although this is done differently with each platform. As well, with both there is a degree of separation provided regarding the website files of users that offer a level of security. However, with the latter comparison, VPS hosting goes much further with compartmentalizing each account to increase privacy and the security of information.

Let’s examine each hosting platform further to determine which may be the better choice for you.

Shared vs. VPS
Shared web hosting is the ‘bargain’ choice for the majority of customers with websites accruing small to moderate levels of traffic. These users are generally satisfied with having their websites located on a server which shares its space with others. The ability to manage certain features such as emails and domains is provided through a Control Panel. The bandwidth and storage space offered through shared plans tend to be adequate for these low demand users. On the other hand, for those desiring enhanced scalability, resources and security, VPS hosting is often the preferred choice.

Freedom to use and expand memory resources is much greater with a VPS server than with a shared hosting arrangement. VPS hosting allows for independent memory allocations within a single hardware element and opens up greater resources for the availability and functionality of a website to end users. Greater limitations are imposed with shared servers.

Shared hosting offers a range of options pertaining to bandwidth and memory capacities. However, due to the fact that multiple accounts reside on the same hardware server, restrictions on scalability inevitably arise. Certain features may be restricted as well due to the sharing of resources involved. Virtual private servers are easily scalable to the configuration you desire. While an increase in resources available over shared hosting is generally not a negotiable  arrangement, VPS hosting can handle large traffic demands and offers support for the software applications you wish to include. All of this translates into superior performance for the VPS platform.

Inherent security risks are associated with shared hosting due to the fact that multiple accounts have their files located on the same server. The operating system over all hosting accounts can be vulnerable to misuse – although certain preventative measures do minimize the probability of this occurrence as much as possible. With VPS hosting, the independent allocations of files and the enforcement of secure configurations offers a greater level of security for the user.

In the end, the choice you make regarding shared or VPS hosting will depend on your budget, your desire for enhanced security and the expected demands of your website in terms of traffic, storage and required features. Hosting plans at JaguarPC come with a 45 day money back guarantee no matter which plan you decide to purchase.

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