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Choosing a Reliable Web Hosting Services for Your Business Needs

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The way you choose a reliable web hosting service for your business needs depends on what you’ll be using the site for. Most businesses start small, even on the web, and from there, grow to be larger brands. How much you spend up front depends on your budget and how much traffic you anticipate in the beginning stages of your site. Remember that you can always upgrade later if you end up growing the business quickly.


The ISP is the Internet service provider. It can work for some online businesses, especially if you do not offer sale of goods or track client data, an ISP can be ideal. They are very affordable because they offer limited applications. ISPs also offer limited bandwidth and often have restrictions on how they’re used. An ISP is best for creating an online presence in the beginning of a brand or product’s life, but you do not want it to be the sole site you’re conducting business with a year or two down the road.

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is ideal when the ISP doesn’t offer web space. You may be looking for something that is small, but still supports various applications. Free web hosting is free because it usually runs on advertising. You do not get a share of the advertising revenue since that’s what’s supporting the site and keeping it up and running. There are many schools of thought with using free web hosting for new sites, but for the most part it depends on what your site does. For example, if you are a site that sells a specific product, you most likely do not want to advertise other products on your site. Free web hosting has limited applications and cannot support vast amounts of traffic.

Domain Hosting

This is when you have a domain name, but the site runs from an ISP or a free web host. This basically means that you have an original domain name and URL that redirects the site to wherever you’re hosting it. This is good for building a brand, but how effective it is highly depends on where you’re hosting the site.


This means the site is essentially operated by a larger company. Even for small businesses, this can be a smart move because it basically puts an IT department on your side. For businesses that expect to grow quickly, colocation is the way to go. If you’re a mid-size or large business, colocation gives you control over your web hosting, as well as the sizeable web space you need to serve your customers.

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