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Daily Backup Solutions: Expect the Unexpected

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Building a business website takes time and effort. Why put your crucial information at risk when our backup solutions are both effective and affordable? Unfortunately, no web hosting provider can give clients a 100% guarantee that their data will never be affected by natural disasters or security threats. Implementing a backup solution is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your customers from detrimental data loss.

Flexible and Easy to Use

As a business owner, chances are you have a ton of data you can’t afford to lose. Client data, expenditures, product information, website content, and more, are all crucial to the success of your business. High quality backup solutions, such as Data LockBox, are designed to be both powerful and accessible for Linux and Windows operating systems alike. Through JaguarPC, you’ll enjoy a wealth of disk space – from 50 GB to 5 TB – for near continuous backups at reasonable cost. You can choose which files are important to you, and how often you’d like to perform backups.

Speedy Disaster Recovery

Accidents can and do happen – regardless of your web hosting provider’s dependability. Opting for data backup is the most important step in creating a workable disaster recovery plan. Fires, floods, and power outages can easily cause data loss – which impacts uptime and profits for online businesses. In the event a disaster occurs, you can rest easy knowing your information is safeguarded, compressed, and encrypted. Regardless of how many files you’re looking to backup, a trustworthy hosting provider can help put your mind at ease.

Save Time, Money and Hassle

The threat of data loss is very real, and choosing a practical backup solution is an absolute necessity. On that note, it’s also a smart idea to take steps on your own to secure your files using a secondary avenue. Even if you’re unable to safely backup all of your information, securing sensitive, mission-critical data is highly recommended. That way, you’ll enjoy the added security of being backed by Data LockBox, as well as another backup solution. In the event your website is affected – either by a natural disaster or hackers – you can simply patch the holes rather than rebuilding everything from scratch. Contact our disaster recovery and data backups team at JaguarPC at 1-888-338-5261 or [email protected]. We can walk you through our backup services and provide you with a data storage and disaster recovery solution that will let you rest easy.

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