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Easily Deploy Complex Web Features with cPanel Web Hosting

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cPanel is a control panel that website owners and webmasters use to manage and administer their websites, data file, and email accounts. For those with multiple websites, the cPanel control panel gives you the power to maintain these multiple sites easily from the same graphical interface. As a web based control panel, cPanel is accessible from any computer. Website owners can make changes to their site, keep up with email, or perform any other administrative functions from anywhere in the world.

The useful tasks cPanel makes simple include both general and specialized website functions. For example, you can manage your domains and sub-domains, install scripts, analyze visitor statistics and preferences, and set up specialized email, all from your cPanel account. cPanel also makes it easy to build a website, create and edit web pages, and update search engine information.

What is cPanel website hosting?

cPanel hosting is the web hosting environment for your website, controlled and maintained through a cPanel control panel. The extensive cPanel features for fine tuning all aspects of your website may be useless without reliable and powerful cPanel web hosting supporting your website and online presence.

A cPanel web host is responsible for data transmissions and maintaining your website’s connection to the Internet. Reliable cPanel hosting features top quality servers, hardware and software, a redundant data center in a disaster-controlled environment, quality bandwidth connections, and knowledgeable support technicians.

What can you accomplish for your website with cPanel web hosting?

Web hosting with cPanel gives you numerous options for website administration, maintenance, implementation, and accessibility. Create the website you want and make necessary adjustments as your interaction with web visitors grows and as your business grows. The control and customization you can use to administer multiple websites and apply applications either individually or across multiple sites makes cPanel website hosting unique among control panels.

Use cPanel for:

  • Regular backups
  • Reviewing error logs
  • Viewing statistics about website visitors
  • Installing applications using one-click install
  • Creating specialized email accounts
  • Managing web pages

What features should you look for in a cPanel host?

cPanel puts control of your website in your hands so you do not need to turn to your cPanel web host every time you want to install or utilize an application on your website. But for the times when you do need the experience and help from your cPanel web hosting provider, expert and thorough technical support can make your cPanel hosting experience smooth or frustrating (depending on their level of expertise).

Another feature to look for in a cPanel web host is reseller hosting capability. cPanel’s Web Host Manager (WHM) panel makes the administrative end of reselling web hosting seamless. Resellers can set up client hosting accounts and configure hosting packages while controlling their own cPanel hosting as well. Manage all aspects of your reseller account through your cPanel hosting account.

Potential drawbacks to cPanel

cPanel is designed for use with Linux servers, in addition to supporting a wide array of operating systems such as Redhat, Free BSD, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, and Trustix. At this time, cPanel is not compatible with Windows servers. The developers of cPanel have designed a different control panel for Windows servers called Enkompass.

Support your website’s current needs and scale easily with future growth

cPanel web hosting gives users an intuitive graphical user interface from which to manage one website or many websites. JaguarPC unlimited cPanel hosting options include cPanel shared hosting, cPanel virtual private server hosting, cPanel dedicated server hosting, and cPanel reseller hosting. Furthermore, the number and complexity of specialized web features you can perform with JaguarPC cPanel web hosting is virtually unlimited.

JaguarPC cPanel hosting gives you ultimate control of your website, backed by an expert support team at your service 24-7-365. The dedicated technical staff at JaguarPC gives you the solutions you need quickly. JaguarPC’s data centers are configured for performance, speed, and security, allowing you to fully utilize all the powerful features of cPanel web hosting for your online presence.

For more information on how cPanel hosting can increase performance and functionality for you and your website visitors, visit JaguarPC at www.jaguarpc.com.

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