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Fully Managed VPS Hosting Service: The Gold Standard

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When it comes to virtual private servers (VPS), managed VPS hosting is a much better value than unmanaged VPS hosting. Why? For just a few extra dollars per month, managed VPS hosting provides a higher level of support services while unmanaged VPS provides virtually no support services other than general network monitoring.

For companies without an IT department, fully managed VPS hosting services is the ideal choice. Otherwise you have to spend time, money, and effort training staff (or yourself) to properly manage your unmanaged VPS internally. Or you can pay a few extra dollars per month to have a team of VPS hosting experts do it for you 24x7x365. Remember, fully managed VPS hosting support teams are experts at managing VPS hosting so take advantage of the benefits, power, and speed VPS managed hosting can offer your organization.

Managed VPS hosting services vary according to price, the power and speed of the VPS, and the levels of support service you can expect with your VPS hosting plan. With managed VPS hosting plans, leading VPS hosting companies offer an all-inclusive package that provides maximum service at a reasonable price, making fully managed VPS hosting ideal for small to medium sized businesses who do not want to spend time managing their hosting services.

What Does Fully Managed VPS Hosting Entail?

Fully managed VPS gives you and your business all the basics you’ll get with managed VPS hosting – regular updates, service monitoring, failure recovery – along with additional services for security, data backup, and other resources that vary according to your fully managed VPS plan. In addition, many services that you typically might pay extra for on managed VPS hosting plans are free when you purchase a fully managed VPS.

A fully managed VPS hosting plan provides a complete solution for your web hosting needs. Fully managed VPS hosting services can grow with your business as your business requirements grow with minimal additional investment. The larger and more involved your Web presence becomes, the more enticing fully managed VPS hosting services become to your organization.

Who Needs Fully Managed VPS?

Fully managed VPS gives small and medium-sized businesses a scalable, reliable, no-headaches solution to their server needs. A fully managed VPS service leaves you free to concentrate on running your business and servicing your clients, rather than worrying about monitoring server resources, maintaining server security, and otherwise spending time and effort on your Web infrastructure. Anyone who wants to save time and money while receiving great support services and maximum efficiency from their managed VPS servers needs fully managed VPS hosting services.

Explore JaguarPC’s Fully Managed VPS Hosting Plans

JaguarPC provides professional, expert service with fully managed VPS hosting plans, along with server stability, flexibility, and comprehensive add-ons. With JaguarPC’s fully managed VPS hosting services, you get root access, free reboots, operating system install, hardware failure replacement, online management portal, disk integrity monitoring, server hardening services, and so much more – all at an affordable price. JaguarPC has developed an extensive suite of services exclusively for our fully managed VPS hosting customers.

We look forward to providing you with the best in VPS hosting services. To learn more about our fully managed VPS hosting services, visit www.jaguarpc.com or call 800-659-9585 today.

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