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Give a Voice to Your Potential Customers with a phpBB Hosting Plan

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Is the way you run the online section of your business self-obsessed? Often, your priority is talking about your company, what you do, and what you can offer to customers. These are the core details included in any business website. But the most successful businesses take a different approach, considering what they can give website visitors before they consider how to convert them into customers.

An effective way to create a lot of interesting and informative content is to launch a message board. Message boards promote user-generated content that connects directly with your audience because they posted it themselves. Rather than a tool to further your self-promotion, a message board is an interactive industry resource. With an open source message board platform like phpBB, you can establish a niche community that is filled with potential customers, without incurring a significant expense. As a result, you can bring together your ideal customers and improve the online reputation of your business.

In a new article published exclusively by unlimited phpBB hosting provider JaguarPC, Using phpBB Hosting to Create a Home for Your Industry, we show you how easy it is to give potential customers a place to gather online. Read the article to learn why creating a community on a website separate from your homepage gives visitors the confidence to speak freely, even if they are customers of your competitors. In addition, the article explores how choosing the phpBB message board platform and a phpBB hosting plan keeps your costs low and your margins high.

phpBB hosting is an affordable way to launch a new community

Today, people use the Internet as a place for two-way communication. Almost every website includes a way for visitors to connect with each other, whether through blog post comments, chat rooms, or message boards. As a result, many different message board systems are available, each with broadly similar features. What makes phpBB so distinctive is that it is an open source solution. Since phpBB is open source and built to use open source technology, you can order a phpBB hosting plan at a very affordable price.

In the new article from JaguarPC, you will learn how affordable phpBB hosting services give you the opportunity to start a community that is not an extension of your existing website, but an entirely new place for your industry to gather. Without per-site license fees, you can run a message board that is supported by your business, but not overshadowed by it.

In addition to discussing the budget required to start a new phpBB community, the new article from JaguarPC looks at the benefits for your business. Generously developing and supporting this type of niche community are the actions of a market leader; if you take the initiative to create this community, your brand will be recognized as a major authority in your industry. By reading the article, you will also learn about the most appropriate ways to keep the spotlight on your business in your newly launched forum.

Get an unlimited phpBB hosting plan from JaguarPC today

Starting a brand new community for your industry is easy, but as your number of users and posts grows, you need a phpBB hosting plan that can support such a large group of people. Often, traffic increases incur additional fees for bandwidth. At JaguarPC, you can be confident that you will never get stung with extra charges because of your success!

JaguarPC offers unlimited phpBB hosting plans with the resources you need to maintain great performance, no matter how big your community gets. Plans are provisioned on Supermicro hardware and a reliable network infrastructure, and come with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and MySQL databases. JaguarPC phpBB hosting services even support unlimited domains.

In addition, JaguarPC phpBB hosting services include 24/7/365 technical support, access to an extensive online knowledgebase, and free help installing the phpBB message board platform.

To learn more about phpBB hosting services from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit jaguarpc.com.

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