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Give your Online Business Maximum Flexibility, Security, and Performance with Dedicated Server Solutions

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Most online business owners aspire to grow their businesses into large companies that people repeatedly come to when they need a particular product or service. One of the key factors in becoming large and successful in online business is server performance. The power and speed of your server can be the difference between a frustrated website visitor and a successful online business transaction.

If your e-business grows as planned, sooner or later you will notice that the typical web hosting platform is not sufficient enough for the requirements of your growing business. At that point you will want to consider expanding beyond the limitations of shared web hosting and move to a dedicated server solution. Dedicated web server hosting will give you more resources and flexibility, tighter security, and the most effective platform for your business to grow.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a stand-alone server allocated exclusively for the account and usage of a single customer or business. A dedicated server gives a customer exclusive rights to the server’s bandwidth, memory and disk space, and server performance is not affected by traffic and other customers’ usage patterns.

When you purchase a dedicated server, you are actually leasing the hardware from a hosting provider. Your dedicated web server is configured and set up according to your preferences and is operated remotely from the dedicated server host’s data center. With a dedicated server you get your own unique IP address and full control of server usage via software that allows you to access and manage your server.

The best thing about dedicated servers is the administrative authority they provide. In most cases, you have the option to select the components used in the server and you can install the software of your choice. This includes operating systems (some variants of Linux or Windows), related software (such as a SQL server and a control panel), programming languages, and security applications. Additionally, since you do not have to share the server memory, processor, or bandwidth with anyone else, you get a higher level of reliability and uptime.

A dedicated server is one of the most flexible and scalable web hosting solutions available on the market today. Using a dedicated web server saves you significantly on the costs of using your own router, Internet connection, security system, and network administration.

Why use dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated servers hosting differs from shared web hosting as you have all the storage space, bandwidth, and other server resources to yourself. This increases your website performance and guarantees a more stable environment for your business. Dedicated server hosting is particularly useful for companies and individuals who have outgrown the shared hosting environment and now require more space, flexibility, reliability, and security.

E-businesses that have a considerable online presence will also benefit greatly from using a dedicated server solution. Dedicated hosting features more speed and power and can be an ideal solution if you run high-traffic websites or e-commerce applications and need the bandwidth, versatility, and consistent performance of a dedicated machine.

You might also find dedicated server web hosting beneficial while developing a complex business or a high-end e-commerce website, as you will need absolute security to ensure smooth flow of business operations. With dedicated hosting servers you will get the full benefit of the processing power of a dedicated machine, complete control over your website setup, and tight security. Plus, there’s a huge financial benefit with dedicated servers hosting since no large initial investments are required to get your dedicated server up and running.

What are the types of dedicated server hosting?

There are two types of dedicated server hosting you can choose from: managed dedicated server hosting and unmanaged dedicated server hosting. It is important that you know the difference between the two types of dedicated hosting so you can choose the one that is right for your business.

  1. Managed dedicated server hosting is a solution where the server is actively monitored, maintained, and administered by a dedicated server web host provider. In this particular hosting arrangement, the host will update security, install software patches, replace any hardware that is needed and also install new updates. Many business owners find managed dedicated server hosting appealing as it gives them more time to focus on their business without having to worry about managing their server.
  2. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting gives the customer complete responsibility for all the server administration, maintenance, and backup. In this hosting arrangement, all software installations and updates and applying of patches and security are your responsibility. The dedicated server web host only provides storage space, security, and the negotiated bandwidth. When choosing an unmanaged dedicated server you should have a team of knowledgeable IT experts to tackle any technical problems that might arise.

So which type of dedicated server hosting is right for you? If your business does not have the time and technical resources required to keep a dedicated server up and running efficiently, managed dedicated server hosting is the right choice for you. Managed hosting provides a flexible alternative to a simple dedicated server by offering more hands-on help and support from dedicated technicians. Managed dedicated server hosting will provide your business with a powerful, secure, reliable, and professionally maintained web presence.

Help your business benefit with JaguarPC’s dedicated server solutions

JaguarPC is a leading provider of reliable and affordable dedicated server services. JaguarPC offers a range of powerful and secure dedicated servers, proactive monitoring, knowledgeable staff, and support for numerous operating systems. You can choose from Windows dedicated server hosting, Linux dedicated server hosting, as well as managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting solutions.

JaguarPC is dedicated to providing enterprise class dedicated servers and services that are priced for any budget. JaguarPC’s dedicated server solutions will give you the performance, security, reliability and scalability your business needs, with guaranteed network uptime and 24/7 technical support.

To find out how dedicated server hosting with JaguarPC can enhance your online business, visit www.jaguarpc.com or call 1-800-659-9585 today!

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