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Harness the Power of the Linux Platform with Linux Dedicated Hosting

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Cost is a major factor for anyone considering dedicated web server hosting. Whether you have a small ecommerce website or several enterprise-level clients who are always focused on the bottom line, money always remains a factor. The majority of Linux dedicated server distributions are free, which is a clear benefit over Windows dedicated server hosting which requires separate licenses for each piece of Microsoft software that you use. Therefore, Linux dedicated server hosting allows you to invest most of your budget into top-of-the-line hardware instead of spending your budget on lower-end hardware with the majority spent on software licenses.

Sure, if support for enterprise-level and web development Microsoft technologies is required, you have no other option but to choose Windows hosting. But all those who do not rely on Microsoft products in their day to day workflow should definitely consider getting a Linux dedicated server as Linux dedicated hosting offers unparalleled stability, performance, security, and functionality at a great price. An open-source Linux platform is incredibly versatile and was primarily made to perform in the server environment, which makes Linux dedicated server hosting an ideal solution for even the most demanding websites and resource-intensive online activities such as messaging and multimedia streaming.

Linux dedicated server hosting offers unprecedented website performance

Dedicated server hosting offers great advantages over other types of hosting like shared hosting and VPS hosting. First and foremost, Linux dedicated server hosting is the most powerful hosting solution that the Linux platform can harness in order to provide unprecedented website performance. Unlike shared hosting and VPS hosting, resources on a dedicated server are not shared so a single website account that occupies the server gets all the resources available. These resources can be further expanded to accommodate a website’s increasing needs as its popularity grows, translating into an increased amount of traffic. Having the entire server dedicated solely to the needs of a single website also results in the highest level of security, stability, and reliability possible. Such a level cannot be reached in a shared hosting environment where website accounts affect each other’s performance.

One of the greatest drawbacks of shared hosting is that it does not allow webmasters to fully realize the potential of the Linux platform as they do not have root access on the server and therefore cannot configure the server and their website and install the widest selection of open-source applications available for the Linux platform. Conversely, Linux dedicated server hosting provides full server root access so webmasters get the ability to configure their server and their website any way they see fit. And Linux dedicated hosting solutions offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of hardware and software configurations allowing webmasters to choose everything from operating system to database software to third-party scripts they want to install for full support of their website.

Enjoy maximum uptime and reliability with JaguarPC’s Linux dedicated hosting services

No other hosting solution is capable of providing the uptime and reliability that is possible to achieve with Linux dedicated hosting. But in order to get the most out of your Linux dedicated server, you need to carefully choose the right web hosting provider. JaguarPC offers a wide range of Linux dedicated servers with full root access and support for all the latest technologies designed for the Linux hosting platform. And a 100% network uptime is guaranteed for all JaguarPC Linux dedicated server hosting plans so clients enjoy the maximum uptime possible. JaguarPC takes it a step further than competing hosting companies by offering an exclusive JaguarPC client dashboard built in-house for easy server administration.

All JaguarPC Linux dedicated servers receive free initial server hardening and security setup. JaguarPC also offers free enterprise-level backup solutions from R1Soft for timely backups as well as free installation of the most popular Linux tools to get your website up and running quickly.

With JaguarPC Linux dedicated server hosting plans you also get the widest selection of operating systems and control panel add-ons so you can choose exactly what you need for your website. If you want to focus on your business instead of your Linux dedicated server, JaguarPC offers full server management so you can do what you do best and let our expert technicians do the rest.

To learn more about JaguarPC’s high performance Linux dedicated hosting services, contact a JaguarPC service representative today at 1-800-659-9585 or visit www.jaguarpc.com.

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