How Great VPS Reseller Hosting Can Help Your Customers ~ Jaguarpc How Great VPS Reseller Hosting Can Help Your Customers ~ Jaguarpc

How Great VPS Reseller Hosting Can Help Your Customers

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VPS reseller hosting can seem like a commodity rather than a service – there are thousands of providers out there, many of which do not give their VPS reseller customers much in terms of benefits and value-added services to give to their own clients. The right reseller host, however, can provide you with valuable incentives for your customers, as well as quality solutions for solving problems your customers might have as they build their own websites utilizing your VPS reseller hosting services.

If you want to make a difference and stand out from the competition, utilize the many benefits of a great VPS reseller hosting company that can give you everything you need to successfully help your customers. To make the most of your VPS reseller hosting account, start by marketing your VPS reseller web host’s services and offerings to your customers. Your hosting customers will thank you, refer friends and colleagues to your hosting business, and ultimately help you build the business you have always wanted.

Market your VPS reseller web host’s offerings

Unlimited reseller hosting, for example, gives you a valuable benefit to market to your customers – they can start and run as many websites as they want on your reseller plan. Though you need to be careful about overselling your reseller hosting, you can distribute a few unlimited plans for a higher monthly fee with little worry of reaching your memory and bandwidth limits.

Excellent technical support also gives you another service you can provide to your customers. When you are getting 24/7 support for your VPS reseller web hosting needs, you have access to technical knowledge that you can essentially call your own. Your customers want their issues resolved quickly, and when you have a reseller hosting service that provides you with quick and easy answers, you can then provide those answers quickly and easily to your customers. Throw in a knowledge database and frequently asked questions (FAQs) that really answer important questions and you have a customer service partner that will make you and your business stand apart from the other VPS resellers.

JaguarPC is the customer service partner your managed VPS hosting business needs

JaguarPC will add value to your business offerings, giving you important benefits you can give to your customers. You get reseller hosting with cPanel in every plan along with the ability to brand your clients’ control panels with your company’s identity, from logos to custom tools. cPanel is one of the most powerful web hosting control panels available and JaguarPC will include cPanel for your customers to use regardless of the size of your business.

JaguarPC’s tech support is unmatched, too. Our fully managed VPS reseller web hosting provides an IT department presence for a fraction of what your company would pay for its own IT infrastructure. With an extensive technical support library and a guarantee never to contact your valuable customers directly without your permission, you’ve got more than a reseller host – you’ve got a true partner with the ability to help your customers and help you at the same time. It’s a true win-win-win situation.

Let JaguarPC help you establish “Gold Standard” customer service! Call 800-659-9585 or view JaguarPC’s unlimited reseller hosting plans today at

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