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How to choose a hosting affiliate program

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Affiliate programs are among the most lucrative business opportunities that you can undertake on the Internet. With the right program and the right promotion strategy, you can become a very successful affiliate. Some affiliates even earn enough money to quit their day jobs and become full time Internet marketers, or even start their own thriving companies.

Of course, affiliate marketing is not a money-making recipe that anyone can apply to become rich overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, frustrating trial-and-errors, and a solid dose of determination to succeed with affiliate programs. And even if you invest all your time and energy in an affiliate program, you may find that it’s difficult to obtain consistent results. So, what makes the difference between successful affiliate marketers and the many others who fail?

Some may be tempted to say that luck is the most important factor. But, luck alone cannot explain why some people make thousands of dollars per month while others barely cover their Internet bill. In the following article, you will learn the differences between the best hosting affiliate programs and the underperforming schemes that only waste your time. You will also see the most important aspects that you should pay attention to when signing up with a web hosting affiliate program, including the payout plan, the target group, and the duration of the referral period.

Look for a hosting affiliate program that truly rewards your efforts

Perhaps the most obvious differentiator between web hosting affiliate programs is the financial incentive. In this aspect, the various hosting affiliate programs available on the market vary greatly. Payouts start from a few dollars per referral at the lowest end of the scale, and can reach hundreds of dollars for the highest paying affiliate programs.

But the figures touted by hosting providers should not be the only factor that influences your decision. After all, numbers are meaningless outside of a context. Many hosting companies provide several types of hosting services, starting with cheap shared hosting plans and ending with dedicated servers that cost hundreds of dollars per month. Make sure to check what types of referrals are rewarded and what the payout for each referred service is. You may find that a hosting affiliate program offers nice rewards for referring dedicated servers, but the payout for shared hosting services is not as attractive. Other hosting affiliate programs use a fixed payout service. In other words, you receive the same compensation, no matter if you refer a shared hosting client or a dedicated server client.

Another thing to take into account is tiered compensation. With some affiliate programs, the compensation increases as you direct more clients to the hosting provider. Other affiliation schemes feature fixed rewards that stay the same no matter how many referrals you make.

Knowing your client-base is a must

As we’ve discussed above, there are many types of web hosting affiliate programs out there. To decide which payout scheme is best suited for you, take a moment to analyze your potential market. First, consider how you plan to refer new clients to the affiliate program. Will you use a website or will you rely on your people skills?

Some affiliate marketing programs rely only on links placed on sites, blogs, comments, newsletters, etc. When someone reaches the signup page through one of your links and completes an order, you receive the referral payout. Others hosting companies also accept word of mouth referrals: when new clients sign up for a service or product, they can name you as the person that directed them to the hosting company.

The word of mouth option is suitable if you plan to refer only friends, family, business contacts, or other acquaintances. For example, you can recommend a hosting service to your work colleagues or to your college mates. Although it’s possible to gather many clients using this method, generally speaking word of mouth referring has limited efficacy.

Whether you choose word of mouth or Internet marketing, you should think about the services that may interest your target group. If you are a server administrator or IT professional, you may know many people interested in buying VPS hosting services or dedicated servers. It would make sense for you to opt for a hosting affiliate program that offers big payouts for dedicated servers. On the other hand, if you’re a blogger, your audience is more likely interested in shared hosting plans, which are great for setting up blogs and other personal sites. In this case, you would benefit more from a web hosting affiliate marketing program that offers fixed compensations, no matter the type of service bought.

If you only plan to refer a few friends or if you don’t have time or resources to invest in promoting a web hosting affiliate program, it would be a good idea to choose a referral program that gives nice payouts right from the beginning. By contrast, when you commit to a program over the long haul, a progressive scheme that gives substantial bonuses for referring multiple clients is probably your best choice.

The nuts and bolts: cookies and referral periods

Besides the two major factors that we’ve already covered, costs and target group, there are a number of smaller things to weigh in before settling for an affiliate program. One such technical aspect is the referral period of the program.

Here’s an example to help you understand how referral periods and cookies work. Let’s say that John, one of your loyal visitors, clicks on an affiliate link posted on your website. John is taken to the hosting provider’s website. At the same time, the site plants a cookie (a small file), on John’s computer. John looks around but doesn’t make an order and leaves the web hosting site. After a few days, he decides that he wants to order after all, so he returns to the provider’s website and makes an order. The affiliate system reads the cookie stored on John’s computer and determines that he was referred by you. Therefore, you will receive the payout for the referral, even though John didn’t immediately make an order when first visiting the website.

After a period, cookies expire and are deleted. So if John visits the website after the cookie expires, the system would not be able to tell that he was first referred by you. As a rule of thumb, look for affiliate hosting programs that offer referral periods of 45 days or more. The very best affiliate hosting programs have a referral period of 90 days, maximizing your potential gain.

Start earning with JaguarPC’s affiliate hosting program

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Now you get the chance to make money with JaguarPC. All you need to do is promote JaguarPC’s services to your friends or family, or add affiliate links to your website. With a generous payout plan that lets you win up to $110 per referral and a referral period of 90 days, JaguarPC’s web marketing affiliate program is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the industry.

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