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How to Choose the Best VPS Hosting Company

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When you order a virtual private server (VPS) hosting plan from a VPS host, you are putting a great deal of trust in the services that this company provides. Whether you are looking to establish a personal web presence or an online outlet for your business, ensuring the wellbeing and continued operation of your VPS plan is incredibly important. If your server suddenly becomes available, or too slow to handle your traffic, your visitors are likely to find an alternative website that meets their needs. But how do you spot a good VPS hosting plan? What criteria should you use to compare different plans?

In this article, we share some insightful advice on how to choose the best VPS hosting plan from the best VPS hosting provider. You will learn about the three essential attributes every potential customer should consider when looking for a VPS hosting service, and you will learn about the importance of choosing a VPS host that is flexible enough to create the best VPS hosting for your unique requirements.

The best VPS hosting uses the best VPS technology

Fundamentally, investing in a VPS hosting service is an investment in technology, and this means that finding the hosting provider with the best VPS hosting hardware and software is a great first step in searching for a plan.

A virtual private server depends on the interaction between web hosting hardware and the software that is responsible for virtualization. It is this software that creates the secure container in which your content will be stored and allocates system resources to your virtual machine. The best VPS hosting plans use reputable virtualization technology and VPS hosting control panel software to ensure efficient allocation of hardware resources. Two leading VPS hosting control panels are SolusVM and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. Both offer you complete control over the features of your VPS hosting solution.

Of course, your control panel and virtualization software is useless unless your virtual server is hosted on top-quality hardware. Generally, it is a good idea to look for branded server hardware, including branded components. One example is the processor inside your server. To find the best-performing VPS hosting plan, always look for a familiar processor manufacturer such as Intel. A quality hardware system not only ensures good hardware performance, but it is also an indicator that your chosen VPS host understands the importance of quality hardware to create the best VPS hosting plans.

Finally, learn more about the data center where your VPS hosting hardware will be located. Many web hosting providers devote a specific area of their website to their data centers or network infrastructure. Here, you should be looking for mentions of branded network equipment from companies like Cisco and Hewlett Packard (HP), in addition to detailed information on how the provider’s redundant network design helps to keep servers online. After all, even the best VPS hosting plan is a waste of your time and money if it is routinely unavailable.

Each of these VPS software and hardware elements plays a vital role in your server’s ability to provide your visitors with an enjoyable experience. But depending on the kind of content you want to launch and the kind of web presence you are creating, your idea of the best VPS hosting may be very specific to your business.

The best VPS hosting offers flexibility for your unique needs

With hardware and software, there are many different actions that a VPS hosting provider can take to build the best VPS hosting plans, in a general sense. However, every webmaster or web developer will use their VPS hosting in a different way. Some businesses may plan to use Windows software such as Microsoft ASP.NET or MS SQL, while others may want to use cPanel VPS hosting to configure the features of their service. The best VPS hosting, then, is the VPS hosting that is tailored to your requirements.

The best VPS hosting providers understand that the needs of customers vary, and will therefore offer services that are flexible and highly customizable. Search for a VPS host that gives you the choice of Windows or Linux operating systems, including a variety of Linux builds to suit your specific goals. In addition, some hosts offer a range of different VPS hosting control panels, including leading tools such as cPanel, InterWorx, and DirectAdmin.

By finding VPS hosting built with flexibility in mind, you can be confident that – even if your requirements change – your chosen service will remain the best VPS hosting plan for you.

Service features that can make the best VPS hosting even better

As you familiarize yourself with the basic features of VPS hosting built with flexibility in mind, you can be confident that – even if your requirements change – your chosen service will remain the best VPS hosting plan and the kind of hardware and software features that you might require in a customized VPS hosting plan, it is easy to focus only on the technical details. However, good technology is just one element of a good VPS hosting solution. To find a solution that will continue to work for you over time, pay close attention to the service features that your VPS hosting plan includes.

The best VPS hosting providers are committed to their customers and offer professional customer service and technical support features to help you get the most out of your chosen plan. In unmanaged VPS hosting, these features may include 24/7/365 customer support, a clear service level agreement (SLA) that stipulates the percentage of network uptime you should expect, and extensive support materials, including a detailed knowledgebase and relevant tutorials or articles. In managed VPS hosting, service features may include routine backups, proactive server monitoring, and security hardening to protect your mission-critical data against malicious attacks or losses.

All of these features are important, but some of the features associated with managed VPS hosting can be very costly. For the best VPS hosting at the best price, JaguarPC offers managed services at no extra charge as a way of adding value to our VPS hosting plans.

The best VPS hosting plans are available now from JaguarPC

JaguarPC is a specialty provider of VPS hosting services with a commitment to creating the best VPS hosting plans in the industry. We achieve this in a number of ways.

Every JaguarPC VPS hosting plan is flexible and easily tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for an affordable Windows VPS hosting or Linux VPS hosting solution to get started, or a fully-loaded VPS hosting plan to rival dedicated server solutions, JaguarPC has the right plan for you, with its comprehensive selection of operating systems, control panel software, and virtualization technology.

Each plan is accompanied by 24/7/365 technical support, a 100% uptime guarantee, and free managed VPS hosting features, such as server security hardening and proactive monitoring to spot issues or attacks before they escalate.

To learn more about how JaguarPC offers the best VPS hosting plans, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit now.

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