Is Cloud Hosting a Good Solution for Startups & Small Businesses? Is Cloud Hosting a Good Solution for Startups & Small Businesses?

Is Cloud Hosting a Good Solution for Startups & Small Businesses?

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Cloud hosting

So you’ve got a startup or small business under your command. You’ve been entrusted with finding the safest, most secure storage options for your business data, website info, and more. What should you do?

Over here, we’re huge fans of cloud hosting for startups and small businesses. Why?

Cloud hosting is an affordable, flexible tool that benefits all sorts of businesses – particularly startups and small companies.No matter how large or complex your business projects and goals may be, cloud server hosting is the go-to hosting option for many expanding companies. Exceptional web hosts provision inclusive services with minimal to no downtime.

The flexibility, accessibility, and security of cloud hosting improves production and provides added confidence with automatic software and hardware updates. Whether you’re building a web design firm, application development company, or an e-commerce business, cloud hosting is better than bulky hard drives or expensive personal clouds. Find out why.


Pay for What You Use

For small businesses and startups in particular, savings are always welcome. In comparison to other hosting methods that best suit larger companies, cloud hosting is cost-effective and offers comprehensive services, including limiting and expanding your resources as necessary.

For example, if you’re a startup company, you can begin with minimal bandwidth and disk space, and then tack on more resources as your business grows. Accordingly, you’ll never have to face the prospect of overusing resources, or being charged extra for power you don’t need.


Stronger Collaboration

Collaboration is at the core of any successful business – either online or offline. Cloud server hosting not only cuts back on costs, it also streamlines interaction between administrators and employees. With cloud hosting, being restricted to one computer is a thing of the past. Instead, you and your employees can use any device connected to the Internet to manage websites and business-related projects. As a business owner, you can easily set up permission restrictions for employees – allowing you to orchestrate important projects from one central control panel.


Organized, Quick Disaster Recovery

As an internet-based solution, cloud hosting reduces overall risk for businesses. Instead of being stored on a single server, resources are supported using multiple physical and virtual servers – ensuring no data is lost during outages or natural disasters. Storing data off-site greatly reduces the threat of malware, hackers, identity theft, etc. Also, as a managed hosting provider, JaguarPC routinely installs updates and patches for security programs. You’ll never have to endure the costs and other difficulties associated with updating your security systems. Data center professionals will monitor and manage your cloud services per your needs.

Small businesses and startups that use cloud web hosting are able to improve productivity, profitability and growth. Your company can better manage data, improve security and take advantage of managed services that leave you more time for your priorities while giving you a peace of mind that your IT operations are in order and are running smoothly.

If you have questions about how to move to cloud web hosting at JaguarPC our sales team is standing by to assist you via live chat, [email protected] or simply call us at 1-888-338-5261. Cloud web hosting is the right move to make for your business and we offer 30 day trials along with superior technical support to assist you with your migration and move to our true cloud hosting plans.

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