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JaguarPC VPS cPanel Hosting Simplifies Complex Website Management

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Website owners have in-depth knowledge about their business, but often need more help when it comes to managing their web hosting accounts. JaguarPC makes it easy for website owners to manage their web hosting accounts with the help of cPanel, a web-based control panel that simplifies website management. JaguarPC’s Linux VPS hosting plans combine the power of Linux virtual private server hosting with the power of cPanel VPS web hosting to help website owners get more out of their website’s functionality.

A recently published JaguarPC article, Combine Security and Agility with cPanel VPS Hosting, explores how to use cPanel virtual private server (VPS) hosting to increase performance, security, and flexibility for your website and business. Customers interested in upgrading to a VPS Linux hosting account can utilize JaguarPC’s cPanel VPS web hosting plans and support to help increase the performance, security, and flexibility of owning and operating a website with cPanel.

Navigating and customizing your cPanel VPS web hosting account

The cPanel control panel has a web-based interface so you can access your website and administer your website regardless of where you are located. As long as you have Internet access, a browser, and your login details, you can login to your cPanel VPS hosting account and manage your website.

With JaguarPC’s cPanel VPS web hosting plans, you can customize cPanel’s layout using an optional add-on called RvSkin. RvSkin lets you set up different control panel sections according to your specific needs and you can place relevant information and links where you want them.

JaguarPC’s cPanel VPS hosting also allows you to create separate pages for e-mail accounts, web pages, databases, and multiple user accounts – each with the commands you use most often and the commands you find most useful. RvSkin is also multilingual so you can administer your website in your own language. If you are a VPS cPanel hosting reseller, you can set permissions so your users can access the control panel pages relevant to them.

Installing scripts using cPanel VPS

Add a blog, FAQ, shopping cart, automated billing, and more to your website with your cPanel control panel. Fantastico, a cPanel program and script library, makes installation of complex scripts a simple process. Customizing your website for your specific goals is quick and easy with cPanel virtual private server hosting at JaguarPC.

In fact, JaguarPC’s cPanel Linux VPS hosting plans gives you all the tools and features you need to install scripts you can use to enhance the power and functionality of your websites. JaguarPC makes it extremely easy to manage your VPS hosting plans and encourages you to try a Linux virtual private hosting (VPS) plan when you are ready to upgrade from your shared web hosting account.

The JaguarPC cPanel VPS web hosting service guarantee

Build your website and expand your business with cPanel Linux virtual hosting at JaguarPC. With all the tools and features, and easy-to-use cPanel control panel available on all cPanel VPS hosting plans, JaguarPC guarantees your satisfaction with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Plus JaguarPC installs your Linux VPS hosting plan instantly so you do not have to wait to get started using your Linux based cPanel VPS web hosting account.

Start today with JaguarPC and increase the performance, speed, and security of your website with a reliable VPS Linux web host. Contact JaguarPC today at 1-800-659-9585 to learn more about VPS hosting for your online business.

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