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Sep 03, 2006

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Pssht! Luke, I am your father…. No, just kidding. People have often asked me: “Joshua, What linux distribution is the best for ((insert end of question here))?”.Well, that’s a great question, but a very broad one. I’m glad more people are coming on over from the darkside of the Computer Operating System arena (namely MicroSoft).The major questions you need to ask yourself are:Do I require Reliability, flexibility, user-friendliness, and/or simplicity and ease of operation?
Reliability/Flexibility        User Friendly        Simplicity    Windows (Plus)
-----------------------              -------------               ----------         --------------
RedHat                         Lycoris                 Mandrake    Lindows
CentOS                        Xandros
Novell Suse
I personally use the OSes in the Reliability/Flexibilty category.But, in order to keep me from babbling head on over to: a comparison Linux vs Windows
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