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Sep 03, 2006

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Pssht! Luke, I am your father…. No, just kidding. People have often asked me: “Joshua, What linux distribution is the best for ((insert end of question here))?”. Well, that’s a great question, but a very broad one. I’m glad more people are coming on over from the darkside of the Computer Operating System arena (namely MicroSoft). The major questions you need to ask yourself are: Do I require Reliability, flexibility, user-friendliness, and/or simplicity and ease of operation?
Reliability/Flexibility        User Friendly        Simplicity    Windows (Plus)
-----------------------              -------------               ----------         --------------
RedHat                         Lycoris                 Mandrake    Lindows
CentOS                        Xandros
Novell Suse
I personally use the OSes in the Reliability/Flexibilty category. But, in order to keep me from babbling head on over to: for a comparison Linux vs Windows
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