Choose the Best Web Hosting Service with a Few Easy Hints Choose the Best Web Hosting Service with a Few Easy Hints

Quality Hints for Choosing Your Website Hosting Service

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JaguarPC is proud to offer exceptional web hosting.  Many people choose our web hosting services after shopping around based on our superior reputation and our 16 years of experience in the web hosting industry.  The research you perform before deciding on your web hosting provider is important to ensure you are choosing a web host that you can trust. You will want to consider a few key aspects to ensure that you will be receiving the right level of services for your website’s needs but also a higher standard of web hosting that is affordable and reliable.

Plan Prices
Price is one of the biggest factors people take into account when choosing web hosting, and while it should be competitive it is important not to sacrifice quality for affordability. A quality website hosting service will provide numerous options at varying degrees of cost, so you can pay for what you need and not more or less.

Content Access Methods
How do you want to access and add your web content? Some sites only offer their own platform and input methods rather than FTP, and that will put major limitations on what you can do. For the optimal amount of control, you want to make sure your website hosting service has accessible webmaster tools, such as cPanel, that give you round the clock access to your site. After all, it is yours to dictate and your hosting service should offer you multiple means to upload and update your site over simply one method.

You don’t want deal with slow speeds and downtime, and you shouldn’t have to. Reputable website hosting services today should be able to guarantee your uptime over 99% of the time. One of the major conveniences that comes with web hosting is that someone else is responsible for housing and maintaining the system in a manner that keeps things running smoothly, and if they can’t then you don’t want them in charge of hosting your website.

Technical Support
Many services boast of 24/7 support that is easy to access, but customers later find out that this is too good to be true. A quality website hosting service will have tech support and customer service that is TRULY available at all times, and be quick to respond to your problems. You can often find the truth in customer reviews, and also by testing their service with emails at odd times. It won’t take much research to find out if a company is full of empty promises, and the greater number of happy customers you read about the better your chances for a positive web hosting experience will be.

Secure Server with SSL
If your website is intended for selling products or services, then you cannot be without SSL. The difference between “http://” and “https://” is staggering for people expecting to receive card payments or store private customer information. Verify every security option and contingency they have in place before trusting your site and your clients sensitive information to a hosting service.

If you have been searching for a web host that offers reliable and affordable hosting plans then you can stop your search with JaguarPC. Our 16+ years of web hosting experience along with our 100% uptime SLA will show you our services are exceptional and superior.

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