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Tips for Choosing a Quality Reseller Hosting Service Provider

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Web hosting resellers purchase web hosting services from a provider and repackage them, selling them to their clients under their name. Typically, smaller companies choose reseller hosting, as reseller packages tend to be more affordable than those offered by larger web hosting providers. When Reseller Web Hosting Planssearching for a reseller for web hosting services, it’s important to have a strong idea what sort of features you need, and what sort of rates will best suit your budget.

Consider Available Features
Once you’ve selected the server platform you need, such as Linux or Windows, it’s a good idea to review the features a reseller you’re considering includes in their service packages. Naturally, you want to make sure that you’re receiving the features you need to successfully maintain your website and get the best value for your money. It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid reseller hosting providers that omit core features from their hosting packages.  Crucial features generally include reliable uptime, disk space, bandwidth, daily backups, databases, sub-domains, email and FTP, and the ability to support certain scripts.

Weigh the Costs
Whether you need hosting for your business or for personal use, you likely want as many necessary features as possible for a rate that’s fair and manageable. Prices often vary, depending on the reseller and the number of features included. Generally, basic reseller packages that include core features, including reasonable web space and bandwidth, tend to fall somewhere between $15 and $40 a month. Naturally, you can expect prices to increase with additional disk space, bandwidth and domains.  It’s always an excellent idea to conduct in-depth research if you’re unsure of what an acceptable rate is for the services you need.

Knowledgeable Client Support
Finding a hosting company that delivers adequate IT support and customers services can be trying, and resellers aren’t an exception. It’s crucial that you choose a reseller you feel can be relied upon for assistance. Choosing a provider that responds to inquiries in a timely manner and provides useful information is essential, especially if you’re looking for hosting for your business’s website. In the event you or your website’s visitors are experiencing technical difficulties, you need to know you can rely on your reseller hosting provider to fix the problem or provide helpful direction.

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