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Why Give Your Customers a Place to Chat with a phpBB Hosting Plan?

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The Internet is a place for two-way communication. With the advent of social media and the popularity of websites like Facebook and Twitter, your visitors are now looking for places where they can get into discussions about your products, your services, and their issues. Many visitors even connect with businesses online because they want to have general discussions with like-minded people who are interested in the same products and services.

But online discussion is not a new thing, regardless of what social media platforms would have you believe. For years, message boards and forums have been populated with thousands of users who share specific interests. Before social media, the Web was social through forum threads and posts.

With phpBB hosting services, setting up your own message board is quick and easy. But why bother? What is in it for your business?

Using phpBB hosting to give your customers a place to make conversation with each other can have a significant impact on your revenue and brand image. Read on to learn how.

A phpBB community can prove your business is honest

In the offline world, it is fairly easy to judge how honest and open a business is to its customers. Meeting sales people and company representatives face-to-face makes these judgments instant and instinctive. Online, however, it is much more difficult to evaluate an organization.

phpBB gives your potential and existing customers a place to talk about what you do. Visitors can leave positive thoughts and feedback or negative comments – they are free to say what they want in a public arena. For potential customers, this shows you have nothing to hide. If the products and services you deliver are consistently high quality, you can be confident that your message board will be full of fantastic, sales-driving testimonials.

Of course, there may be times when your existing customers start less positive conversations. People may be frustrated with your service, or having difficulty using your products. Negative content on your message board may be hard to deal with, but it can actually be turned into an opportunity. Providing you are active on your own phpBB message board, you can join the conversation and offer helpful customer service and support. Best of all, a phpBB site allows you to give support in a place where potential customers will see just how much you care.

Your phpBB message board stimulates user generated content that creates a buzz around your business. But did you know that phpBB can also be used to market your business by giving you new ways to contact community users?

Using a phpBB forum to promote your business and capture leads

Imagine that you run a business providing nursery furniture and launch a community for your potential and existing customers using phpBB. Visitors may want to discuss general parenting issues, ask for advice on product selection, or give feedback about your business.

At the same time, you can also use the features of phpBB to keep certain posts in high visibility positions. phpBB makes it easy to post alerts and updates that can help to drive sales. How about giving users details of your latest product additions? Or why not post a discount code for all registered members?

A message board is an invaluable marketing opportunity for your business. What’s more, by requiring emails during signup, you can approach all of your users with a targeted email campaign, taking your products right into their inboxes.

But how do you get your phpBB community up and running quickly and easily? Simply choose a phpBB hosting plan that comes with phpBB installed and ready to start accepting user registrations

Order unlimited phpBB hosting services from JaguarPC

JaguarPC is an experienced web hosting provider with a range of phpBB hosting plans available now. Why wait to start an online community for your customers?

JaguarPC currently offers shared web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), and dedicated server solutions. phpBB can be installed on any plan using the Softaculous script installer, which is free to every customer.

Customers can also opt for a phpBB shared hosting service, where the latest version of phpBB will be installed by our expert engineers, allowing you to create unlimited forums, users, and moderators with unlimited storage space.

For more information on phpBB hosting services from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit now.

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