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Why Your Business Needs Dedicated Web Hosting

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Dedicated Servers

The pressure is on for businesses to move to cloud web hosting, but cloud isn’t for everyone. There are still a high number of businesses that want to remain on or move to dedicated servers because their business has inflexible operations, they are inexperienced with cloud hosting or they have basic business needs that perform better with a dedicated server business solution.

Dedicated servers are an excellent choice for expanding small and mid sized business operations. Dedicated server web hosting is particularly well suited for SMB’s because of its ability to be customized to suit particular performance and security needs that higher level businesses demand. So… why should you consider dedicated web hosting?

Exclusive Server

Cloud is to an extent a shared service and heavy volume can slow it. Dedicated servers will only ever see the volume of your business’s information and traffic which gives businesses the ability to have the full run of a server without any concerns from any other users on the system.

Your business and your business alone on the server means that only you will be utilizing the processor and memory resources within the system. Your business level server will be able to perform at optimal levels with no concerns for any other demands on it beyond your own. The absence of any shared factors make dedicated servers one of the most secure and reliable types of hosting service.

Values of Dedicated Servers

• Exceptional Security
• Fully Isolated
• Managed Service for Superior Support
• Reliable with High Uptime
• Bandwidth and Space to Grow

Managed Dedicated

Business that have grown large enough to need the level of resources, security and performance that dedicated servers offer are generally very busy. Eventually, as your business grows you will have to admit that you just can’t do it all. Managed dedicated plans allow for your software and security settings to be upgraded, installed and receive professional administration services.

You can’t be an expert in every aspect of your business. Managed dedicated hosting plans can give you back time to address more pressing business matters. Managed server plans allow your operations to have the advantage of a team of professional IT experts on hand when you need updates or assistance. Businesses with managed plans can give investors, partners and employees the assurance that IT systems are not only in good order but also in good hands.

Dedicated Advantages

A properly configured dedicated server will have outstanding performance and a single dedicated server with RAID 10 will usually out perform more costly and complex systems. Business can’t wait and dedicated servers are known for some of the highest levels of performance for applications and programs. An entire server under your control gives your business the ability to scale resources as you see fit while giving you a professional and reliable platform to create websites and applications.

Growing business are expected to meet the needs and demands of their customers and clients. Dedicated servers are an excellent choice that have been overshadowed by the demand for and the buzz around cloud web hosting. While you may be intrigued by what the cloud offers it simply may not be the right choice. Dedicated servers provide the highest level of protection, system isolation and system resources possible from hosting and that might be just what your business needs to achieve and maintain success.

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