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5 Signs It Is Time For You to Invest In A VPS

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Signs It Is Time For You to Invest In A VPS

Have you been experiencing slow website load times? Are you about to throw your computer out the window? If you have been running into a lack of resources and an up tick in traffic then it might be time to invest in a VPS web hosting plan.

Businesses can quickly outgrow shared hosting plans when they experience the need for more resources to handle an influx of visitors, have advanced security settings requirements and specialized software needs. As your business grows so does your demand for more resources.

Slow Website

If your site is slow you most likely need more resources like bandwidth and disk space. VPS hosting allows you to use all the resources on your partition. You won’t have to be concerned that a few heavy users on a shared server are consuming all the resources and causing your site to bog down and become slow. VPS hosting has generous bandwidth and storage. You will notice a big positive difference in how your VPS hosted site loads and responds to requests.

You Have Multiple Domains or Sub domains

A shared server will handle basic web hosting needs but as your business expands you will find that you may need more than one website. A VPS web hosting account can accommodate multiple websites and domains allowing you to create a greater level of exposure and to promote more than one business per hosting account.

If your website uses a good amount of dynamic content, then a VPS server is capable of delivering all of your sites at a much better speed and it will also allow you to expand considerably as it can scale with your needs for more resources and space.

You Need Specialized Security Settings

While a shared hosting account has security enabled it may not be the level of security your business website and you need. Once you have a VPS server you can decide on and set the limits for your own security parameters. While shared and VPS hosting plans will both screen you from security vulnerabilities, a virtual private server will provide a much higher level of custom security settings that are under your direct control. You won’t suffer if others on your server are targets because VPS system isolation provides you an extra level of protection.

You’re Looking for Flexibility

Shared plans offer a limited amount of resources and if other shared users are maximizing those resources then your site won’t perform well. Shared hosting is generally a starting point for small sites and blogs. If you have a large and complex site with growing traffic then shared hosting isn’t the best choice. Shopping carts, heavy dynamic content sites and video streams are not suitable for shared hosting plans. As your business website evolves, you want the best performance possible and a VPS can deliver advanced needs with incredible results.

Bigger Budget, Better Business

Online businesses need the advantages that a larger budget can deliver. Successful businesses will benefit from hosting plan upgrades. If your site is faster and has great delivery and performance then you will almost certainly see an increase in business, traffic and potentially sales. When businesses expand to VPS hosting the cost might initially be a little grater but over time the improvements a VPS allows you to make will create a more loyal and satisfied client base so that your revenue can grow.

Spending a little extra money on a VPS today can help you increase your revenue substantially over time.

Your business reputation could be at stake. Sites that load slow, fail to have enough resources on hand and have minimum levels of security in place are less attractive to visitors. The team at JaguarPC will ensure your transition is smooth throughout the process of moving from one server to another. If you need more information please contact JaguarPC today at [email protected] or at 1-888-338-5261.

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