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Boost Your Website Performance and Security with CloudFlare

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CloudFlare has been enabled in cPanel across our SDX, Shared, and Reseller plans for over a year now. It is also available for our VPS and Dedicated server users by contacting CloudFlare Improved Security and Site PerformanceCloudFlare directly. If you aren’t using CloudFlare on your account then you are missing big performance and security enhancements for you and your visitors.

Increase Site Performance
The CloudFlare network makes sure that your visitors will get the fastest page load times.
Sites using CloudFlare load on an average of twice as fast as normal and result in fewer requests which saves you bandwidth. Analytics for your site track the benefits of increased site performance.

Built in Security
CloudFlare has helped clients world wide recover from some of the worst security events ever seen across the web. When you enable their systems on your account you are providing another level of protection which is imperative to your website. CloudFlare automatically detects new threats and goes into action against them. Cross site scripting, SQL injection, comment spam, excessive bot crawling and email harvesters are a few of the threats that can be eradicated when you enable CloudFlare.

Easy to Deploy
Just open your cPanel for your web hosting account and click on the CloudFlare icon to get started. No configuration is required and it works with static as well as dynamic content. The “Always Online” feature is another benefit that keeps a cached version of your site online even if your server is down.

Sites that are well secured and optimized for speed are generally ranked better in search engines. Additionally, your customers and visitors will stay longer on a site that loads quickly. Don’t hesitate to deploy CloudFlare in your cPanel. The rewards are great.

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