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How CloudLinux Makes Shared Web Hosting More Reliable Than Ever

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Particularly popular with small to medium-sized businesses and with individuals looking for the most affordable form of web hosting, shared web hosting sees numerous separate user accounts co-existing on the same hardware server. As a result of its design, users can enjoy quality web hosting services without paying the full costs of managing and operating a dedicated server. Shared hosting keeps costs low, removes the need for complex administration, and plays a vital role in helping businesses enter the online marketplace.

However, the nature of shared hosting means that the performance of server hardware is outside of individual control, and is instead dictated by how the other people on your server – your neighbors – are running their web hosting accounts. Simply put, if one shared hosting account places an extra strain on the capabilities of the server hardware, performance for every user will suffer. In some cases, customers unknowingly stretch system resources including RAM and CPU as their traffic increases over time. In other instances, servers become crippled by misuse or malice. Whatever the cause, the actions of your shared web hosting neighbors have a direct and potentially serious impact on the functionality of your hosting account.

At JaguarPC, we are committed to providing shared web hosting services that consistently perform at their best. We achieve this, due in part to our strict “no overselling” policy, which limits the number of hosting accounts on each hardware server to maintain good performance. Additionally, JaguarPC is pleased to announce the roll-out of the CloudLinux operating system across all Linux shared web hosting plans, making our shared hosting services even more dependable for every user.

The benefits of CloudLinux for shared hosting services

A variant of Linux, the popular open-source operating system, CloudLinux was developed from the ground up with web hosting in mind. At the kernel level, CloudLinux is a responsive and reliable OS that makes effective use of hardware resources and helps applications perform correctly. However, the most significant benefit of using CloudLinux for Linux shared hosting services is the strict division of hardware system resources.

Additionally, a shared web hosting account can make use of any hardware power necessary, with web hosting providers working on the assumption that each account will use resources equally. However, as shared hosting users know, this is not the case – and when a single account starts to overuse resources, the consequences are felt by every single user. CloudLinux imposes strict resource limits on each individual user, thereby completely removing the possibility of unexpected resource overuse, even during traffic spikes.

In addition, CloudLinux can help reseller hosting customers improve their web hosting business. With the assurance of fixed resource limits, those with reseller web hosting plans can confidently sell more accounts on their servers without the fear of performance degradation or overstretched hardware. Reseller hosting users can build their web hosting business quicker and improve their return on investment (ROI).

Best of all, CloudLinux achieves all of the above without changing the fundamental usability and reliability that Linux has become renowned for. CloudLinux looks and works just like every other major Linux build, providing the same user experience with improved reliability.

Order dependable CloudLinux web hosting from JaguarPC today

With the addition of CloudLinux to our existing “no overselling” policy, JaguarPC is able to offer shared web hosting at the same affordable price, with performance that you can depend on.

JaguarPC calls on more than 13 years of experience as a web hosting provider to offer shared web hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, dedicated server hosting, and hybrid server hosting plans, all deployed on a high performance network with a 100% network uptime guarantee. Alongside CloudLinux shared hosting services, JaguarPC matches quality hosting services with customer support including 24/7/365 proactive server monitoring.

For more information on CloudLinux web hosting from JaguarPC, visit or call 1-888-338-5261 today.

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