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How Linux Web Hosting Can Save You Money And Attract New Customers

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For a business or individual taking the first steps into the wide world of the Internet, the launch of a quality web presence depends on finding a suitable web hosting service. As simple as this may sound, the sheer quantity of options currently available from web hosting providers can seem intimidating. Between shared web hosting solutions, virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), dedicated server hosting and, more recently, cloud hosting plans, finding the solution that is right for your business can be a time-consuming, complex process. However, one of the most fundamental and influential decisions that you will need to make is completely independent of specific hosting types – do you need a Windows web hosting or Linux web hosting service?

Windows, used by millions of people every single day, is an operating system that has grown to become a household name thanks to its intuitive, easy to learn user interface and excellent support for popular applications. On the other hand, talk of Linux hosting or Linux servers can often leave people unsure of how their web hosting plan will work, along with its compatibility with software and the reliability and uptime that can be expected.

In this article, you will learn about the Linux operating system, the popularity of Linux web hosting services, and the benefits of running a Linux web server for your business. You will also learn why your choice of web hosting operating system can have a tangible impact upon your revenue and profit.

Linux – The Internet’s Most Popular Operating System

From web servers to notebooks, from desktop computers to smartphones, every computer-based device requires an operating system in order to function. This is the software that launches every time you turn your device on, allowing administration of functions and helping to run the various applications that you use. While it is obvious to look for excellent hardware specifications and generous allocations of RAM, disk space, and processor power when looking for a web server, it is important to consider that an operating system is responsible for managing the usage of these resources. Without the right operating system, performance and reliability will inevitably suffer.

In the early 1990s, student Linux Torvalds grew frustrated with expensive operating systems that did not effectively manage performance, or systems like MINIX that came with complex usage restrictions preventing commercial deployment for business use. His solution was Linux – an operating system that was free, easily altered by other developers, and above all else dependable. His simple vision of an open source operating system was supported by thousands of developers worldwide, whose hard work eventually resulted in the first finished release of Linux on October 5th 1991.

Today, Linux is at the core of many popular operating systems, known as distributions. These distributions are used by governments, businesses, schools and home users as replacements for more recognizable operating systems like Windows or Mac OS. The incredible reliability of Linux has even lead to the software being adopted for use in Russian military supercomputers, as the basis for Android smartphones, and even by animation giant Pixar.

Perhaps most impressively of all, Linux web hosting services are by far the most popular in the world as Linux hosting dominates the market at 60%.

Web Hosting Benefits At The Core Of Linux Servers

Putting the user-facing distributions of Linux aside for a moment, it is the core kernel of Linux servers that ultimately makes this operating system so desirable for web hosting solutions. Above all else, Linux was designed from the ground up with stability in mind, resulting in consistently high uptime for Internet implementation. The popularity of Linux hosting services is largely a result of this basic ability to keep your web presence online – and processing lucrative customer orders – at all times.

In part, Linux achieves great uptime through better system resource management than other commonly available operating systems. Where Windows tends to use maximum system resources in order to maximize performance at all times, Linux web hosting servers are more conservative, using the optimal amount of hardware power for the specific task that is being undertaken. This means that, in the event of a traffic spike or sudden change in configuration, Linux is able to call upon reserved resources to cope with new demand. In addition, a Linux web hosting plan is immune to Windows-based viruses, removing a method of malicious attack that can cripple your web presence.

The Importance of Compatibility In Lowering Hosting Costs

In addition to its balanced approach to resources and impressive availability, Linux web hosting prides itself on portability and compatibility. Many common web server applications such as MySQL, PHP, Apache web server, and PERL work exceptionally well on Linux web servers, enabling you to take advantage of the latest technology in developing exciting and dynamic web content. In addition, moving a project from a Windows environment to a Linux server is a fast and painless process as the capability is built in to the design and implementation of Linux.

Perhaps most attractive of all is the relatively low cost of running a Linux hosting service. Since Linux and its distributions are available to web hosts free of charge, the savings can help reduce the cost passed on to businesses and individuals who order a Linux web hosting plan. Return on investment improves, profit levels grow, and money that would otherwise be spent on operating systems can be used to run other areas of service such as customer support, better hardware, or data center and network management.

Popular Linux Hosting Distributions Designed With The Web In Mind

From the robust foundation of the Linux kernel, any developer can choose to create their own Linux distribution with alterations to the code that makes the software run. With the growth and popularity of Linux hosting, many developers have introduced distributions with specific benefits tailored to the needs of the web hosting industry.

Fedora – With a focus on security, Fedora adds access control and additional security policies to the built-in security functions of the Linux kernel.
Ubuntu–Available in a specific “Server Edition,” Ubuntu is tailored for speed and responsiveness when running as a Linux web server.
Debian – Streamlined for web use, Debian is a simple but effective choice of Linux distribution.
Suse – Designed for web use, Suse is a popular distribution that offers built-in Linux web server functions and related applications.
CentOS – Used to run almost a third of Linux web hosting services, CentOS is one of the most popular Linux distributions in the world, with regular updates and readily available support.

Each of these popular Linux distributions has specific advantages that you should consider when deciding on the type of Linux web hosting plan you require. The best Linux web hosts offer a choice of distribution, giving you the ability to use the Linux hosting service that is right for your needs.

Order A Reliable Linux Hosting Plan From JaguarPC

When choosing a web hosting service, balancing cost against reliability and compatibility is vitally important. You need your web presence to be consistently available, always online, but to remain affordable to achieve realistic return on investment. Linux web hosting services are a time-proven way to get the performance you require, at the price that makes sense.

JaguarPC is a specialist in Linux hosting services, offering Linux hosting across shared web hosting, VPS hosting, hybrid server hosting, and dedicated server hosting plans. The company is committed to flexibility, with a choice of five distributions available for each Linux hosting plan, and the option to request a custom built Linux server if you require an alternate distribution. Every plan comes complete with convenient cPanel control panel software for administration, a 100% network uptime guarantee, and 24/7/365 customer support including proactive server monitoring.

To find out more about the choice of Linux web hosting plans available at JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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