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How to Ignore Your Shared Web Hosting and Concentrate on Your Site

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Very few people get into the world of business because they want to spend endless hours messing with the settings on their web hosting plan. Hardly anybody decides to start a website because they want to manually install applications and edit lines of code. Your priority should be to create a great web presence that attracts customers and wins new business. Leave the hosting to us.

A significant benefit of a shared web hosting plan is ease of use. Since your account is on the same hardware server as other hosting accounts, it is your hosting provider’s responsibility to manage the server, maintain the operating system, and update software as necessary. This allows you to focus your attention on the content of your website, not how it works behind-the-scenes.

Here are a few JaguarPC shared web hosting features that help you create a winning website without wasting time on complex administration.

Use Softaculous script installer to launch applications with just one click

Most modern websites use a variety of pre-built applications to support their content. Whether you plan to offer a static site with a blog, a full ecommerce system with ordering functionality and product reviews, or a message board for your community, there is an application that can save you time.

However, installing these applications is not always easy. Although some software requires nothing more than uploading to your server, others include source code that must be edited to fit your shared hosting plan, or the editing of directory permissions is required in order for the software to work properly. These tasks can turn installing an application into a large project.

To eliminate the hassle of updating source code or directory permissions, every shared web hosting plan from JaguarPC includes the Softaculous script installer free of charge. Softaculous is a directory of dynamic, database-driven applications, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpMyBB, and more. The application catalog is fully searchable and organized by category, making it easy for you to find the right application for your website. Once you have found one, simply click “install” to get it up and running right away.

Unlimited shared hosting that never gets in the way of your growth

A particularly time-consuming aspect of running a website on shared hosting is considering the impact of your actions on bandwidth and disk space. If you install several different applications, or attract high volumes of traffic, you may find that you exceed the restrictive allocations offered by some shared hosting providers.

At JaguarPC, we believe customers should always have room to grow on their shared hosting service. Every one of our plans features unlimited allowances for maximum flexibility. Shared hosting includes:

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth/Data Transfer
Unlimited MySQL, Email, and FTP
Unlimited Parked Domains/Subdomains

With unlimited shared hosting, you can stop worrying about incurring additional charges and proceed with creating the website your business needs to grow.

Unlimited cPanel shared hosting from JaguarPC

With our years of experience as a shared web hosting provider, JaguarPC understands what customers need from their hosting service.

In addition to unlimited resources and the Softaculous script installer, JaguarPC shared hosting comes complete with cPanel. cPanel is a browser-based web hosting control panel that allows you to quickly and easily get hands-on with your hosting plan when necessary.

By concentrating your attention on attracting visitors to your website, you can increase your online revenue and build a larger base of customers. Shared hosting from JaguarPC also includes free SSL access, giving you the ability to process payments from your website without the expense of purchasing your own secure platform.

For more information on shared web hosting from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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