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JaguarPC Adds Voice Tutorials to Growing Collection of Support Videos

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Fulshear, TX (PRWEB) February 21, 2012 – A market leader in the field of shared web hosting, virtual private server hosting services (VPS hosting), and dedicated server hosting announced today the addition of voice tutorials to its exhaustive customer support range. Now, with full narration available across a large number of tutorials, JaguarPC customers can enjoy immediate access to informative Flash videos that are easier to understand than ever before.

“Although we take pride in the quality of our web hosting and reseller hosting services, a large part of what we do at JaguarPC is provide unrivaled support,” says Greg Landis, CEO of JaguarPC. “One of our core goals is to give our customers high-quality hosting plans, along with the expertise they require to get the most out of their chosen service. Our research has shown that people respond better to information that they hear, so the introduction of voice tutorials was the next logical step in delivering advice and insight effectively.”

To support the web hosting provider’s large customer base, JaguarPC offers a vast selection of Flash-based, animated tutorials featuring captured images to illustrate processes and procedures. The most popular of JaguarPC’s web hosting tutorials is the “Intro to Web Hosting” series, featuring 28 bite-sized tutorials demonstrating the most common tasks involved in setting up a shared web hosting plan, VPS hosting service, or dedicated server web hosting plan. Each one of the tutorials in this series is now accompanied by full narration that works alongside images and on-screen text to convey information quickly and succinctly. The full range of tutorials available from JaguarPC covers numerous subjects, including transferring domains to JaguarPC, setting up email, working with content management systems, and, for reseller hosting service customers, using WebHostManager (WHM) to deploy and manage accounts.

“If it’s something you can do using your JaguarPC web hosting plan, it’s covered in our tutorials,” says Landis. “We now have 1,055 tutorials and continue to generate new entries on a regular basis. But it’s quality, not quantity that really matters, especially when attempting to teach somebody about the potentially confusing world of web hosting. Adding a friendly voice that can literally tell our customers what they need to know makes things easier to understand, gives customers a more enjoyable, relaxed experience and – most importantly – helps make the information stick with our visitors long-term.”

Distinctively, JaguarPC’s collection of tutorials covers more than just the web hosting and managed hosting services that the company offers. Designed to serve as a single location where JaguarPC customers can arm themselves with the knowledge they need to build their business online, the tutorials also feature information on using Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets to market a website. In addition, customers who visit the JaguarPC tutorials database will find advice on software that they may encounter, from web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to offline applications including PhotoShop.

“Building a large collection of web hosting tutorials and making them available to our customers is good,” says Landis. “Making those tutorials narrated is what takes them from good to great. But it is only by combining clear, crisp Flash video with useful text and voice instruction that we have been able to make our tutorials the best in the business. Our customers come to us for quality web hosting services from shared hosting plans to dedicated server solutions – but they stay with us long-term because we are determined to support their goals and give them the detailed help and assistance they require.”

Although every web hosting provider claims to have customer support at the center of its interests, few invest large-scale resources into developing effective support resources. Now, with the addition of voice tutorials, JaguarPC continues to prove its commitment to going further than its competitors with detailed support services.

To explore JaguarPC’s selection of voice tutorials or to find out more about the web hosting services currently available from JaguarPC, visit

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Established in 1998, JaguarPC is one of the world’s most trusted and experienced web hosting companies. JaguarPC delivers superior service to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model. JaguarPC provides hosting support to business and personal clients from across the globe, including the world’s leading companies and governments in many countries. JaguarPC has over ten years of experience in the web hosting industry and has a growth rate of over 95%, year after year. JaguarPC has recently expanded their competitive service range and pledged ongoing commitment to outstanding support with the expansion of its U.S.-based technical support staff, available via phone, email, chat, or ticket, 24/7/365. For immediate support, call (888) 551-3050 or use the convenient support ticket system at

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