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Let the Open Source Ecosystem Work for You and Host your Website on a Linux web server

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Many people prefer proprietary software such as Microsoft Windows Server to open source software, because they assume that open source applications are unreliable or that they lack support. However, a suite of popular open source applications has successfully challenged the old perception of the open source ecosystem. Among them, the Linux operating system is without a doubt the most successful example, with some form of Linux running on every type of device, from smartphones to supercomputers.

The amazing success of Linux is owed to the core value that stands at its foundation – reliable and powerful software should be freely accessible to everyone. Linux has become the preferred operating system of thousands of professionals who understand that it’s not necessary to pay a hefty fee to get reliable web hosting. Now you can learn why you should consider hosting your website on an open source Linux server and how Linux web hosting plans deliver the same quality as Windows plans, at a fraction of the price.

Linux web hosting gives you more capabilities for less money

It is a well known fact that proprietary operating systems are expensive, even by the standards of a mid-sized business. To recover the investment made in OS licenses, web hosting providers charge their customers more for hosting services, which means you are basically paying for the OS yourself. But is it really necessary to pay for a proprietary operating system when there is a completely free alternative available?

Linux web hosting service providers use an open source Linux distribution to run their web servers. In turn, the savings in licensing fees makes Linux hosting services more affordable for the end user. As a client of a Linux web hosting plan, you pay more for the stuff that matters – the hardware resources and the support services, and less for the applications that keep the Linux server running.

Don’t think that Linux is less capable than Windows Server or other operating systems, just because it’s free of charge. The time when open source meant buggy, unstable software are long gone. Today, Linux is considered the most reliable and stable operating system for servers and is installed on state-of-the-art machines, such as the servers at Fortune 500 corporations and scientific super computers. The open source operating system’s success is a testament to the stability and security offered by Linux, in a time when cyber-attacks on high profile targets make the headlines.

Affordability and performance does not stop with Linux so let the open source ecosystem work for you

When you decide to host your website on a Linux hosting solution, you get more than a free operating system – you gain access to a vast ecosystem of free applications. Most of the web applications that run on Linux are free, meaning that it’s easy to customize your website with little or no costs. WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, and e-commerce carts are just a few examples of great applications specifically designed to run on Linux.

Even if you can get these free applications on a Windows web server, you will get the best compatibility on a Linux server. By opting for a Linux web hosting plan, you get more than a simple shared hosting account – you tap into a wealth of free quality applications and benefit from the continued support of an enthusiastic community.

Enjoy the advantages of hosting your website on a Linux web hosting plan from JaguarPC

Searching for the best Linux web hosting provider for your website? JaguarPC offers the right combination of solid hardware infrastructure and reliable software, allowing you to create an impressive online presence that inspires trust and professionalism. The Linux hosting services from JaguarPC include endless disk space and bandwidth so your website will never run out of allocated resources.

At JaguarPC, you receive a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee so you can try Linux web hosting services risk free. Tap into the power of free web applications – the Linux hosting plans from JaguarPC come with many pre-installed scripts for the most popular applications such as blogging tools, portals, support platforms, e-commerce applications, forums, and many others.

Order today a Linux web hosting solution from JaguarPC, or visit to learn how you can benefit from an affordable Linux hosting plan.


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