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Secure Hosting Services: Greater Reliability & Data Protection

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Nowadays, much of the world’s commerce takes place online. Naturally, the billions of dollars exchanged over the Internet every year has caught the attention of
hackers and creators of malware. Whether it’s to steal customers’ identities or ruin businesses’ websites, many Internet attacks begin with the desire to gain money or cause a disturbance. So, if you’re looking for web hosting services, be sure to choose a provider that understands the need for reliable, secure managed hosting. Selecting a host that offers secure services is crucial to building a safe and legally compliant website.

SSL Add-Ons for E-Commerce
If you manage an e-commerce website, secure hosting services are an absolute must. Many reputable providers offer services geared toward e-commerce business owners, such as SSL add-ons. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, creates an encrypted, secure link from a server to Internet browsers. An SSL can be spotted by a small padlock or/and a https in a browser’s address bar. This encrypted link allows customers to make purchases in confidence by safely entering sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, routing numbers, addresses or other sensitive information.

Dependable Server Upkeep
When it comes to maintaining a server, many business owners often find themselves in the dark. For this reason, some companies opt for managed web hosting services, which removes the hassle of trying to decode technical manuals and seeking IT support. Instead, hosting providers are tasked with administering server upgrades and patches, which helps keep security threats at a minimum level. If you’re considering choosing a web hosting provider, it’s a good idea to check out customer testimonials regarding the company’s overall server performance and security.

Backups for Business Resources
You can never predict when a data center outage or natural disaster will occur. Accordingly, it’s always best to take preemptive action by purchasing only the most secure hosting services. One of the most important security features a provider can offer is daily backups. Some web hosting providers include daily backups in their web hosting packages; however, it’s best to take initiative and perform backups on your own time as well. This way, both you and your hosting provider will have those backups available to help you recover if data loss occurs.

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