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Three Fascinating Facts about cPanel and cPanel Hosting

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When it comes to managing your web hosting plan and configuring various settings, a browser-based control panel can streamline the entire process. A control panel gives novice webmasters the ability to access important settings, without learning complex techniques or accessing the server directly. In addition, the best web hosting control panels come complete with advanced features that can help keep the workload of an expert webmaster under control.

If you have ever compared hosting plans, you will have heard of cPanel, one of the most popular control panels in the world. Made up of two component parts – cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) – the cPanel suite saves hosting providers and their customers time, energy, and money.

But even though you may be familiar with cPanel, you may not know some interesting facts that highlight just how effective the system is when it comes to helping you manage your web hosting plan. Read on to discover three surprising facts about cPanel and cPanel hosting, in addition to what these facts mean for you.

1. cPanel was the first major web hosting control panel

cPanel was launched in 1997, making it the first publically available control panel for automating web hosting services. Check out this brief timeline of the leading control panels:

1997: cPanel launches publically
2001: InterWorx first appears as an internal project
2003: DirectAdmin and Parallels Plesk launch
2005: InterWorx becomes a publically available product
2012: cPanel remains the most popular control panel in the industry

Since cPanel was launched several years before any competitor, the software has consistently remained one step ahead. cPanel offers more features than rival control panels and includes an interface that has been refined and perfected over more than a decade.

2. cPanel is available in several different versions

The most common application of cPanel is for shared web hosting, where relatively inexperienced users need to configure their domain name settings, mailboxes, FTP accounts, and databases. However, cPanel and WHM is an excellent choice for any type of hosting plan.

cPanel VPS Optimized is a version of cPanel with all the same features, but a lower memory footprint. Virtual private servers are often deployed with limited amounts of RAM when compared to a server used for shared or dedicated hosting. With cPanel VPS Optimized, users can take advantage of cPanel’s extensive feature set, without using excess RAM.

In addition, each cPanel account can be customized to include specific features. For web hosting resellers, this is an opportunity to give customers the level of control they require, without granting access to advanced tasks.

3. cPanel is packed full of value, with more features than competing products

One common criticism of cPanel is that it is not the most affordable web hosting control panel available. Although cPanel licenses can be purchased at discounted rates for non-profit organizations and schools, the standard cost of a cPanel license is higher than those of other systems.

However, cPanel is still the most popular control panel in the web hosting industry, even though it is not the cheapest. cPanel is full of incredible features, from basic tools for working with files and folders, to advanced security services, phpMyAdmin, and PGP key management. In a like-for-like comparison, cPanel comes with more features than any other major web hosting control panel.

cPanel hosting services from JaguarPC

At JaguarPC, we think cPanel and WHM is a crucial tool for making the lives of our customers and hosting resellers easier. cPanel puts advanced web hosting settings just a few clicks away, and with built-in help and extensive support available online, cPanel is easy to understand even for brand-new webmasters.

That is why we include cPanel with all our hosting services, including shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), and dedicated server solutions. We also offer alternative control panels, including DirectAdmin, Parallels Plesk, and InterWorx.

For more information on JaguarPC cPanel hosting services, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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