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Aug 16, 2023
Enhancing Security in Web Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)

In today's increasingly connected world, the security of your web hosting environment has never been more critical. Security breaches can be catastrophic for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The good news is that enhancing security in web ho...


Aug 19, 2008
Domain Registrars Scam

Domain owners receive a email like this. Asia Network is the company of internet services that the domain registration is one of the major online style of our service range. Now we have something need to confirm with you...

Aug 19, 2008
Testing your PC memory

A couple of months ago a power surge burnt (not literally) one of the memory sticks in my PC. I found it after quite a hassle. My computer would start normally but there was no video output. First I thought it had something t...

Aug 18, 2008
Great GMail Outtage of 2008

It was all the buzz. GMail experienced a hiccup and was down for a couple hours last week. I missed the whole thing. However; when I started checking my newsreader and twitter, email, etc. everywhere I turned people had been ...

Aug 14, 2008
JaguarPC Rickrolled

Today we find in our voicemail queue that someone overnight left a rather unique message. We were rickrolled. Wikipedia definition of "Rickrolling" Rickrolling is an Internet meme involving the music video for the 1987 Ri...

Jul 31, 2008
Going green with vps hosting

The green buzz is being exploited all over the web and abroad lately. What does it mean to be green exactly? ok thats not what I meant, but kermit would be proud nonetheless. It means having little or no impact on your env...

Jul 15, 2008
I can no longer deny it, I’m a geek girl.

Why? Well, despite the fact that I work at the greatest web hosting company in the world, it's because I am now an iPhone user. I've held off for years jumping on the cell phone gadget bandwagon. The closest I've ever bee...

Jul 14, 2008
WowVPS! Launches 25% Off Sale to Promote Green Web Hosting

Offering businesses virtual private servers as a comparable option to dedicated hosting looks to drive down cost and reduce power consumption of hosting datacenters HOUSTON, TX. July 16, 2008 – WowVPS! web hosting, provi...

Jul 09, 2008
Gmail helps Fight phishing with eBay and PayPal

Remember my post about Phishing Awareness? Recently Gmail announced they are teaming up with eBay and Paypal to help protect Gmail users from phishing scams. Now any email that claims to come from "paypal.com" or "ebay.com...

Jun 13, 2008
JaguarPC VPS Special 50% More Ram 75% More Disk Space and Double the Bandwidth!

10 Reasons JaguarPC does it better! Free Daily Backups! Free Level 2 Managed Services! Free Migrations from your Current Provider! Free 50% Ram upgrade for life on every plan Free 50% Disk Space upgrade for l...

May 19, 2008
Phishing Awareness

You may or may not have heard of the term, "Phishing" (pronounced like "fishing"). Phishing is the act of sending an email pretending to be from an online store or service such as eBay, PayPal, Amazon, major banks, etc. Th...

May 09, 2008
Difference Between VPS and SDX (Semi-Dedicated)

A question we often get asked is, "What is the difference between your VPS plans and your SDX (Semi-Dedicated) plans?" Semi-Dedicated Our SDX plan is basically one shared hosting account on a powerful server. What's diffe...

Apr 29, 2008
Green Web Hosting

We've had a few customers asking how 'Green' JaguarPC Web Hosting is or if we have plans on 'going green'. It's tough to answer exactly how green JaguarPC is but I can tell you this: JaguarPC promotes recycling. Persona...

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